I feel happy . . . .

. . . isn’t that how the song goes?  I feel happy and very, very lucky to have such a lovely family whom I love very much.  This morning I awoke to the sound of my 2yo daughter saying “morning Mummy, happy prize!” – bless her she says this for everything, Christmas, birthdays, any time that a present is given she will just yell –“happy prize” though what she actually means is “surprise”.  I know I probably should correct her, but I just can’t bring myself to do it because she sounds so cute.  Anyway, I digress!  When I woke up, I was greeted by the beautiful faces of my beautiful Little Bean and Beanie Boy, both holding onto a card and presents for me.

I feel happy

Hubby kept saying that he felt really bad because all that I had to open today were chocolates but honestly its not about the presents, today was about spending special time with people I love.  For the record, Curly gave me StreetDance DVD on Thursday morning when I last saw him; he was spending the day with his Mum (quite rightly so); my presents from Little Bean and Beanie Boy are a charm for my charm bracelet (which hasn’t arrived yet) and casts of their hands which won’t be here for another five weeks because we only had them done yesterday.  This morning, they gave me a chocolate plaque from Thorntons and some chocolate hearts.  When I had opened the chocolate hearts, Little Bean said to me “ooh they look like nice chocolates Mummy”, I replied “yes they do don’t they” and she came back with “perhaps there is a chocolate in there for me?”.  I like her style!

The plan for our day was to spend the morning with Daddy and then go to my Mum’s where we would give her our presents and then spend the day with her; we were having a picnic, a walk and then finishing with a spot of shopping.  On the journey to my Mum’s, Little Bean told me that I had forgotten to bring my chocolates.  I said that it didn’t matter I had left them at home next to my bed to eat later, she said “oh good idea, we can eat them in your bed when we get home” – oh yes, just as I had planned?  When we arrived at my Mum’s house, Little Bean went running to Nanna with a bunch of flowers declaring . . . yes, you’ve guessed it “happy prize”.  Then as my Mum opened her presents she arrived at a box of chocolates, I bet you can’t guess what Little Bean said?  “Oooh Nanna, you’ve got chocolates, Mummy forgot hers so we can eat yours instead, there’s one for me look”.  Please Little Bean don’t ever change, you make me laugh so much!!

Mother's Day

Whilst we were out, we had a lovely picnic and played in the gardens, but when the weather turned a bit cold, we headed to a Coffee Shop for a drink.  Little Bean was sitting playing nicely in the children’s area with a little boy when I called her to come and have some of her drink and cake, she turned to the little boy and shouted “I’ll be right back George”.  I was impressed that she asked the little boy his name as she doesn’t normally bother; she just refers to others as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’.  Then I saw the boy’s father giggling, I asked him “is your son called George?”, “No”, he replied with a chuckle.  Then, as we prepared to leave the Coffee Shop, she said, “Bye then, Robbie” I looked at his Father, who said, “No, he’s not called Robbie either!”.  Bless her, she’s got imagination!!

When we arrived home my very tired babies went to bed whilst Mum and I watched my DVD from Curl.  A little while later, Hubby returned home from spending a lovely afternoon out with his Mum, Dad and Sister to cook a scrumptious tea for my Mum and me. 

I feel shattered now, but I don’t care one little bit because it was totally worth it, I’ve had a wonderful day and I feel so happy and so lucky to have such a beautiful and loving family.  I hope all Mummy’s had as nice a day as I did, we’re worth it!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Monkey was a trial on Sunday – perhaps a late lunch was not the best thing for him but we gave him a huge snack before we left too!

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