A fun quiz for you to discover your #myBingoPersonality

Bingo has moved on from the blue rinses and perms from the days of old. It’s still as popular as ever but it’s no longer something that just your Gran does to have a catch up with her friends or down at the seaside. Bingo is now online, on your mobile and of course still in the Bingo Halls but you’ll find men and women of all ages enjoying the game together.

When I first moved to Peterborough my Mum would go to Bingo on the first Monday of every month to play Bingo with her work colleagues for a fun night out with the added bonus that they might win some cash. I go along every now and then to play with my friend for the same reason, we get to have a good gossip, a bite to eat and we always hope that we might win but so far we have come very close on many occasions but our lucky streak hasn’t quite hit the spot.

Over at Costa Bingo they have been thinking about the different types of Bingo Players from the Social to the Aggressive. Not sure which type of Bingo Player you are? Why not have a go at the fun quiz below . . . and check out #mybingopersonality to see what others are saying.

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