A Christmas present that could help you receive the gift of life

Trying for a baby

Trying for a baby can be costly but you can now receive a gift this Christmas that can take away the burden of associated money worries, and help you on your journey this festive season.

This Christmas, create a private fundraising page on Pinktimeline.com to share with family and friends, at your discretion, to raise funds for specialty consultations, fertility treatments or even to set up a nursery. Make gift giving easy this festive season by sharing a link to your story and ask for donations in place of gifts.

Zita West, fertility expert and midwife to the stars, advises, “Sometimes couples don’t realise what a large support network they have. Those closest to them often want to help but don’t know how to bring up this sensitive subject. So, the fundraising page can be a way to bring everyone together to show their support. This can have a tremendous impact for the couple during this exciting yet stressful time.”

The fundraising resource allows couples to provide a description of what they’re raising funds for, set a goal, track progress and add updates. They can share the link to their page with family and friends. All donated funds go directly to the couple through PayPal.

The first 100 couples to create fundraising pages will even receive a £50 contribution from First Response, who offer a range of Early Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests,

to get you started. You can create receive a meaningful gift this Christmas by creating your own page today, just visit Pinktimeline.com.

Pinktimeline.com also provides details on what is happening to a woman’s body during this time and includes Zita’s tips for staying healthy and relaxed. There is even a forum where you can connect with others who are also waiting to test. After testing, you can head to the results page where there is next step advice from Zita.

No one likes to wait, especially when it’s for such a life-changing answer. Zita says, “the 2-week wait, the time between ovulation and the time to test, is a time of great uncertainty for many women while they are waiting to test and they are hoping to see a positive pregnancy test showing those two pink lines.”

That’s why First Response, who offer a range of Early Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests, has teamed up with Zita, to offer support to those trying for a baby through a new website, www.pinktimeline.com.

“As a midwife, I’m often asked about what lifestyle changes need to be made at this stage. Women can visit pinktimeline.com for tips on little steps that can lead to a healthier you and a healthier pregnancy,” says Zita.

Did you know? First Response can tell you first!

First Response has patented ultra sensitive technology that can detect really small amounts if the pregnancy hormone. That means you could get the answer with First Response 1 day before any other pregnancy test. First Response tells you first. Always read the leaflet. 62% of women tested effectively 5 days before their period was due. Why wait longer than you have to?


First Response Early Pregnancy Test is available in single and double test kits, retailing at £8.39 and £10.99 respectively. For further information visit www.firstresponsefertility.com or www.pinktimeline.co.uk.


DISCLAIMER: I have received no payment or sponsorship for this post.

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