A 4 year old with a social life!

A 4 year old with a social life! 1

It’s been a while since Curly first started school and we spent weekend after weekend attending birthday parties or scouring the shops for birthday presents. As he progressed through school the parties became less and less as friendship groups became more exclusive and the price of parties and entertainment became more expensive. Well now it’s Little Bean’s turn, today she attended two birthday parties. Hubby took her to the one in the morning and I took her along to the fancy dress party in the afternoon. We both agreed that we were so happy to have had the opportunity to see her with her school friends. In recent weeks we had been worrying that she hadn’t made many friends at school, she had been telling us that no-one wants to play with her and that she spends her lunchtimes alone. I have spoken with her teacher who said that it wasn’t true but you never really know who to believe do you?





Attending the birthday parties was a real eye-opener as Little Bean was excitedly greeted by her friends who grabbed her hand as soon as she walked through the door and barely left her side for the whole party. She played with them so nicely, she laughed and giggled without a care in the world and when it was time to come home the girls all hugged like they wouldn’t be seeing each other ever again. It was a pleasure to see and has really put my mind at ease.

We get to do it all again next weekend as the next round of birthday parties comes around . . .

The faces of the girls have been blanked to protect their identities.

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