7 Tips to Start Using the Law of Attraction to Improve your Life

Whether you’ve just discovered the law of attraction or have been dabbling around with it for some time now, you probably already know that it has the power to change and improve your life for the better. But how exactly do you put it to use? Read on to discover some actionable tips that can help you do just that and more!

Consciously Choose Positive

Law of Attraction

The more you focus on particular aspects and feelings, the more they grow- that’s the basic rule. If you tend to complain and crib a lot about everything that’s been going wrong, you’ll attract more of that. Conversely, if you make an effort to consciously choose and focus on everything that’s positive in your life, you’ll attract more positive things towards you.

Get Started with Meditation

Meditation may or may not be a part of your life, but it is definitely one of the most essential ones. Not only does it help calm down your monkey mind, which jumps from one thing to another, but it also helps you withdraw yourself from the negative patterns of thinking you may be having.

Practise Gratitude

This Manifestation Coach suggests practicing gratitude on a daily basis as it is the key to choosing positive consciously. The more you recollect and focus on things that you are happy and thankful for, the more it will get you to enter that ‘feeling great’ state of mind, and in turn, positive thinking will become less effortful.

Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a very powerful law of attraction technique. Having a physical or digital board where you put up pictures that induce a powerful ‘happy’ feeling for you, and things that you want to achieve can help you get into that inspired and happy state of mind and bring you many steps closer to your desire.

Visualise Before Sleep

One of the most effective ways to get the law of attraction working for you faster than it does is to visualise often, and even better- right before you go off to sleep. In your mind’s eye, imagine how it would feel and look like when you achieved what you want to manifest and try to get into that feeling more often.

Focus on the Feeling

If we haven’t stressed it enough times already, here’s doing it once more. When it comes to making the law of attraction work for you, the key is to focus on the ‘feeling’ of having achieved your desire, and that you are content and happy as you would be when you manifested what you wanted to.

Let Go

Letting go is a big part of the law, and a lot of us actually struggle with it. Once you’ve made your intention, done with visualising and being thankful for it, let it go. Constantly worrying and obsessing over how your desire will manifest will only push you away from your desire.

Law of Attraction

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