Green Gathering: 7 Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Modern baby showers are anything but ordinary—and today’s moms-to-be are more eco-conscious than ever. If you want to do your part for the planet, an environmentally friendly baby shower will delight your guests while helping protect Mother Nature.

Find inspiration in one or more of our ideas and then bring them with you to discuss with your shower host. Each suggestion is both easy and affordable. In just a few moments of planning, you’ll have an inspiring blueprint for your green gathering.

Create an Environmentally Conscious Registry

Building a socially responsible gift list is easier than you think. Make sure you register for sustainable nursery furniture, chemical-free mattresses and reusable cloth diapers. You’ll also want baby clothing made with organic cotton, eco-friendly bath products, bamboo baby suction plates and equipment to make baby food, like a food processor or blender.

It’s also okay for moms-to-be to ask for gift cards. That way, you ensure each one of your gifts is natural, environmentally safe or organic. Finally, don’t be afraid to use your receipts. There’s nothing wrong with exchanging a bodysuit or pyjama set for something you like better.

Choose Socially Conscious Products

Even if you make the food and décor, you or your shower host will have to buy something. Whether you need recycled invitations or cloth napkins, choose a vendor who prides itself on being socially conscious. Most of these types of brands and businesses are committed to both environmental sustainability and customer responsibility. Visit MyMomShops online for eco-friendly baby shower ideas by Joanna Dreifus. Her website is home to many fresh ideas when it comes to baby products and gifts. She also writes articles and guides for parenting.

One of the best ways to find environmentally friendly goods is to look for the ecolabels for federal purchasing supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Check the box or packaging to see if the product has a seal-like “Safer Choice,” “Global Recycled Standard”, or “Sustainability Certified.” You may also like to shop at local stores and shops specializing in organic and natural products.

Take the Party Outside

What’s more eco-friendly than having your baby shower outside? Nature makes a beautiful backdrop for any celebration. If you live near the beach, reserve a covered shelter or picnic area with picturesque ocean views. Mountain dwellers can hold their party at a park to enjoy the sights and fresh air.

For one, you won’t be using any electricity. You’ll also be exposing your party guests (and your little one!) to the warm sun and more oxygen. Besides, a party in the forest or by the coast means you need fewer decorations. Who needs balloons and streamers when mighty oak trees or colourful birds surround you?

Buy Local Refreshments

Buying local is eco-friendly because the products don’t travel. In many cases, any produce and dairy used to make food and beverages are organic as well. The small boutiques selling shower invitations and flowers also use materials close to home. As a bonus, shopping in your community helps support the families who own the stores.

Instead of food platters from big grocery chains, inquire with small caterers about their baby shower appetizer and dessert options. Plenty of local merchants also sell coffee and tea in bulk. If you would rather have homemade food and drinks, purchase the fruits and vegetables from a farmers market or neighbourhood grocery. In our experience, locally made cakes and cupcakes tend to be fresher and more delicious than packaged, store-bought options.

Play Eco-Friendly Games

Most baby shower games waste tons of paper. To keep with your eco-friendly theme, skip any game that requires you to print bingo cards, lists or surveys. Instead, adapt each game, so you don’t need paper at all.

“Guess the Baby” is a fun activity that’ll have the whole party curious. All you need are a few family baby photos. Ask mom or grandma for pictures of you when you were a small child. Be sure to grab some of your partners as well. Hang them onto an art easel or tack them onto a bulletin board. Record guesses of who the baby is on a tablet or your smartphone. “Guess How Many” is also paperless—and fun. Place candies, buttons or beads into a Mason jar and ask your guests for a number. Again, you can record the guesses digitally. The winner receives a special eco-friendly gift at the end of the shower.

Skip the Plastic

Eco-friendly baby showers simply don’t have plastic products! Be sure to ditch the straws, disposable cups and flimsy plates completely. Instead, buy reusable cups, plates, and tissues at a zero waste online store or a box store and dollar store that you can then take home. If you’re having a small brunch or tea, consider using a family member’s antique dishware and silverware.

Savvy baby shower hosts may choose to incorporate plates and cups into party activities. Hold a crafting session where guests eat off their plate and then wash it and paint it. Those who love to shop may also be interested in finding gorgeous teacups or tumblers from US Imprints for a bargain and giving them to attendees as parting gifts.

Give an Eco-Friendly Parting Gift

Every shower guest leaves with a smile when they get an eco-friendly parting gift. Best of all, the options are seemingly endless. Mini beeswax candles, flower seed packets and sample size Fair Trade coffee packets tied up with a green or cream ribbon are both cute and thoughtful.

Additional fun ideas include naturally made soaps, canvas tote bags and jars of homemade jam. If you have the extra money in your budget, potted flowers or tree saplings make unforgettable keepsakes. Every time your shower guest sees the plant in their yard, they are sure to think of you and your new baby.

Spreading an Eco-Friendly Message to Your Baby Shower Guests 

Now that you’re on board with your eco-friendly baby shower, make sure your guests are, too. Design your invitation to include a natural theme—and specify in the text that the event is environmentally conscious. While the message is sure to intrigue your friends and family, it’ll also ensure they’re aware of your preferences. Instead of bringing disposable diapers or a toy from a company that ignores sustainable forest practices, your guests will be mindful about selecting organic clothing and supplies.

Above all, have fun with your eco-friendly theme! Dress up in natural colours, place a flower crown in your hair and shine, mama! You did something extraordinary for the planet while celebrating yourself and your baby. Besides, caring for Mother Nature is an excellent practice to prepare you for pampering yourself as a new mother.

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