7 Best Travel Destinations For Couples In Italy

Beautiful Italy is a is one of the best travel destinations when looking for somewhere romantic. It has drawn honeymooners and anniversary couples to celebrate their vows. Italy is an all-season tourist spot with stunning lakes, hills, cities, and hamlets. Whichever place you chose in Italy, you will experience a fair share of dreamy days and nights with a glass of wine and Italian delicacies.

7 Best Travel Destinations For Couples In Italy
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Italy’s cobbled streets, vineyards, candlelit cafes are a perfect backdrop for couples’ love to blossom. The many olive groves, sun-baked islands, rugged coasts in Italy are, as if handmade, to say ‘I do.’ Here are seven couple spots in Italy to book your tickets for blissful moments.

1.  Picturesque Lake Como Is A Lovebirds Place

Picturesque Lake Como
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In Italy, Lake Como has some of the most beautiful villas and villages to position itself as a romantic destination. Couples who have a taste for the simple pleasures of life can stay at the lakeside resorts. There are plenty of boutique shops and dining alfresco dotting visitors’ attention. Spend your long vacation by taking a boat ride into the lake and keep marvelling at the distant mountains. Indulge in homegrown Italian chow. Enjoy sunbathing in the day, or explore the Basilica di San Fedele of the 10th century. Hop onto ferry services to cut travel time when discovering Como.   Click here for Lake Como villas.  

2.  The Scenic And Serene Tuscany 

Tuscany is the most romantic panorama in Italy and Europe. It has green hills and cobbled roads, farmhouses, olive groves, and rolling vineyards producing authentic Rose Wine. There are budget-friendly bed-and-breakfast hotels for couples. Florence, the origin of the Italian Renaissance, and a depot of Art and History are close. Tuscany serves unending options in candlelit meals. Sample grilled Florentine steak, porcini mushrooms, juicy tomatoes, and many more delicacies straight from the grill.       

3.  Venice Vibes With Romance In The Air

Venice Vibes
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European romance is inseparable from Venice city. Picture shadowy canals, gondola rides, gelatos, and operas for a romantic getaway. Hold each other’s hands as you discover the Venetian waterways in rapt attention. Get a photo click of the two of you on the Bridge of Sighs, captured in ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’ by the author George Gordon Byron.

4.  Uncrowded Umbria Is The Green Heart of Italy

Umbria Is The Green Heart of Italy
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Writer Henry James called Umbria “the most beautiful garden in all the world.” It is the birthplace of Saint Valentine. It is also famous for wine and olive oil, two landmark staples of Italy. Umbria surprises honeymooning couples with nature, art, and excellent food. Kiss your better half under the Balcony of Lovers as you witness the jump of Marmore Falls. The Lake of Piediluco is famous for its echo. The Church of Saint Michael brings you closer to the stunning reflection of water and sunset. Taste some wines at Palazzo del Gusto and do a restaurant check at Orvieto and Perugia.    

5.  Revisit Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ at Verona

Revisit Shakespeare’s Verona
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Travel back to Verona’s Shakespearean love saga to browse through love letters sent to Juliet by her global fans. A visit to Juliet’s House and the legendary balcony on Via Capello is a good way to relive the classical romance. The mini Colosseum and opera house at Verona Arena is symbolic of the architectural landmark built in the 1st century.

Castel San Pietro gives a panoramic view of the beautiful Verona. Ponte Pietra is the romantic stone bridge at Verona where you can spend a starry-eyed evening with restaurant and bar hopping. Taste Italy’s finest wines at Bottega around Verona. Lose your way in the labyrinthine maze in the 16th-century gardens at Giardino Giusti.   

6.  Go Honeymoon Yachting on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast
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The Amalfi Coast is a destination for just-married and anniversary couples. It provides a glorious opportunity to explore chic coastlines and summer sun in the Mediterranean region. UNESCO-approved World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast, is a dip into all things adventure. The beach coast has exceptional greenery, a gorgeous sea, and breathtaking cliffs. It also has favourite places like the pebble-covered Positano Beach, Atrani beach town, and Terrazzo dell’ Infinito (Terrace of Infinity) to spend a day with the one you love. Old stone houses, and café piazzas serving excellent seafood complete the touristy experience.

7.  Unwind in Colorful Cinque Terre Homes

Colorful Cinque Terre Homes
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The hillside town of Cinque Terre in Italy is a string of five villages stacked on top of each other. Clinging to the Mediterranean Coast, each village makes a modest living with fish farming and grapes cultivation. The five villages–Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, and Manarola, are far away from the modern world. Trains and boats are the only ways to reach Cinque Terre. So, if you wish to go on a private wanderlust with your partner, Cinque Terre is your postcard-perfect destination.  


Italy never fails to amaze. It has lovely locales, beautiful beaches, culture and renaissance, culinary and wine experience. Discover Italy for the many hidden gems it has for honeymooners, vacationers, and adventure seekers. Whisper words of love in the ears of your partner at an Italian hillside town to rekindle the classic Romeo and Juliet love story.

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