6 Crucial Life Skills for Students to Build Before College

Teach your kids essential life skills like rinsing their clothes is ideal for parents who have high school juniors heading to college. And though students need to know how to clean their own outfits without wincing them, many experts believe that some additional realistic skills can make this transition to college a bit comfortable & easier for students.

6 Crucial Life Skills for Students to Build Before College

Make sure your kids master these 6 practical life skills before heading to the college.

Life Skill #1: Planning

Making and following a routine will help kids control their time, which can eventually help them be successful in life. You must motivate them to use a calendar to keep the record of possible commitments – such as cleaning the house, washing clothes once a week – and many other significant tasks.

Life Skill #2: Apartment Hunting

The majority of first-year students manage to settle in on-campus dorms; however, for amateurs who want to stay off-campus, knowing the process of apartment hunting can be valuable.

You can teach them how to search for an apartment according to their needs. Furthermore, you can speak about the obligations that arise with signing a contract and some other important factors that students might ignore, such as negotiating the rent amount initially, getting back the security deposit, and ensuring the place has a study-friendly environment, etc.

Life Skill #3: Cooking

Cutting Vegetables Cook Fruit Woman Hands Cooking

Almost all students keep meal plans, but the ability to cook food can be an additional way to connect with other first-year college students. They can use food to show their culture and speak about their experiences.

You can discuss how to purchase fresh vegetables, store a pantry, cook meals, and search for the recipes. You can also get them subscribed to various food channels on YouTube.

Life Skill #4:  Handling Money

All parents should make sure that their kid knows the fundamentals of money handling before heading to college. This includes preparing a budget and making expenses such as paying bills. However, if they plan to take a student loan, they should also realise how these loans might influence their quality of life after completing their education.

Life Skill #5: Planning Trips

Whenever a group of friends is old enough and willing to plan a vacation, then you must allow them to do it.

Outing teaches a lot of new things to students. They learn to talk with strangers, make expenses, use public transportation, and many other things.

Life Skill #6: Time Management

Time management

As parents, you should move beyond teaching your kid to create and follow a to-do list. Teach them how to prioritise their own time. The time management skills are important, particularly during exams. Moreover, you should also help your children recognise time-wasters in their life. It will help them optimise their own time to be more productive.

And here you get it all! These 6 practical life skills will help your kid for a lifetime. Would you like to add a few more skills to this list? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Author Bio:

James is a professional writer, motivational speaker, and a full-time teacher at SmileTutor.sg. He spends most of his time with students. He believes that every child should build fundamental life skills before heading to college.

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