• Teen prepare for college

    How to Help Your Teen Prepare for College

    As an adult, we probably look back and wish we had taken the time to prepare for college. Many of us often reflect on the things we would have done differently during our high school and college years. As a parent, we think about the ways we can help our teens from making those same […]

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  • Exam results

    The route to success: 4 top tips for when your child’s exam results are unexpected

    By Samrita Hayer Careers Adviser at the National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline. The National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline is the free service available for both parents and young people alike to seek advice and support following exam results. Here, Samrita shares her expert advice on what to do next if results are lower […]

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  • 6 Money Lessons To Teach Your Teenagers

    6 Money Lessons To Teach Your Teenagers

    Sending your child to college can be a difficult time of life. While there are many different factors that can add stress to that college departure, one that is far too often the concern is the issue of money. Teenagers are infamously immature, and the thought of sending your young, inexperienced adult out into the […]

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  • people coffee meeting team

    Pros and Cons of Your Child Moving Away to Study

    If you have a son or a daughter who is currently in the process of applying to university, you might be wondering whether or not moving away to study is going to be a good idea for them. Living at university has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, both for students and their parents. […]

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  • 10 ways to further your career

    10 Ways To Further Your Career

    When it comes to furthering your career, it can be really difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re stuck in a job you hate or just graduating out of University – taking that first step to change can be incredibly scary. Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash Whilst I know not everyone will have […]

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