Parenting Burnout

5 Tips to Prevent the Parent Burnout

Feeling stressed out and exhausted is a normal part of parenthood- a lot more parents experience this on a daily basis than they’d admit. But what isn’t normal is you waking up in the morning, unable to get out of bed and feeling like every inch of your body is fatigued- that’s burnout, and yes, it isn’t good.

Parenting Burnout

If that sounds like something you’re going through (or are probably worried you might), here’s helping you out with that. Keep reading to discover 5 simple and effective ways to prevent parent burnout!

Lower the Bar

Wait what? Yes, you read that right. If you’re constantly feeling burned out, it is probably because you’ve set the bar too high for yourself, and possibly for your kid too. You don’t have to try too hard to be the perfect parent. In fact, to put it straight, there’s no one who’s a perfect parent. So the next time you’re dead tired and just can’t wait to get to bed, but you see that your kid’s room is a mess, you don’t have to drag yourself through it- just take things easy!

Be Kind to Yourself

This one’s exceptionally important- probably the most important of all on this list. No matter what things look like at the moment, always make self-care a priority, and be kind to yourself. Overworking and trying to do too much is only going to get you down soon. Instead, take breaks in the middle of a hectic day and recharge yourself to keep going. Get your much-needed sleep and eat good food. Every weekend, try to pamper yourself a bit- even if it just means soaking in the bathtub for good 20 minutes.

Practise Gratitude

During parenting, the challenge is to find the little things that went well, and that’s exactly what you have to do. Even if you managed to put good, healthy food on the table, and put your kids to bed on time so that they wake up fresh the next day, you did a lot! Appreciate the tiny things that worked out in your day- you’ll be surprised at how much better it makes you feel.

Maintain your Identity

The first thing that parenthood really saps of you of is your identity, and guess what- it isn’t a great thing. Sure, you’re all about your kids, but that doesn’t mean you’re nothing else. Find something outside of parenthood that helps you feel alive- and happy- something that you feel proud to do and engross yourself in- it is super important. It may not seem like a big deal right now, but trust us on this, it will when your kids grow up!

Get Help

By getting help, we mean getting literally all the help you can. If you’re living with parents, you can have them help you out with your kid, and even divide tasks with your partner in a way that both of you get some rest time. It also makes sense to connect with other moms who are real and don’t pretend of being super moms- just someone you can open up with about your struggles and not be judged about it.

5 tips to avoid parent burn out

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