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3 Affordable Ways to House Your Family in 2018

All parents want to provide not just a house but a home for their children. We want our families to enjoy a homebase that allows them to thrive and feel that they are safe and that they belong.

For the parent, that challenge begins by finding the house that will allow us to create that dynamic within our homelife. Even the best of parents need the appropriate backdrop within which to parent well and distraction free.

But often, it’s easier said than done — especially when finances are tight. However, finances aren’t always static. Parents hoping to provide a home for their families can budget and utilise financial planning, and they can also pursue affordable options. In all of motherhood, we find creative solutions to everyday problems. In much the same way, some thoughtful consideration can shed light on the perfect affordable housing option for a family.

A Fixer-Upper


Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

An important place to begin is to recognise that even if a pristine home off the market isn’t an option, a fixer-upper may just be the affordable solution to that. One of the most important things to remember when finding a home to buy is that you either have to be able to afford to hire someone to complete renovations or you have to feel confident doing them yourself.

Fixer-uppers can provide the means for a family to buy a house below market value They then can ensure that jobs are done the way they want them done and that the end result reflects their vision.

According to Michele Lerner for The Washington Post, “Home buyers who can’t tell the difference between a hammer and a wrench needn’t be afraid of fixer-uppers. While knowing how to fix a leaky pipe is helpful, experts suggest that time management and organisational skills are more important.”

The key to not getting overwhelmed with a fixer-upper is to make sure you know before you buy just how much work needs to be done. You want to make sure that every renovation adds value instead of diminishing it. For some great tips on Living Room design trends pop over to My Mummy’s World.

A Manufactured Home

As more and more pursue affordable options for housing, more and more recognise the possibilities manufactured homes provide. Historically, manufactured homes have had a reputation for being kind of drab. However, modern examples prove that the only thing limiting their potential is the creativity of their owner.

“Prefabricated houses were in fact a major part of the British government’s plan to address the UK’s public housing shortage after World War II … A number of these structures still survive, which is a testament to the durability and longevity that prefab housing can offer. Today, new modern prefab and modular homes not only meet housing demands, but also make strong architectural statements with their streamlined designs and eco-friendly construction methods.” writes Michele Koh Morollo for Dwell.

Manufactured homes are a worthwhile affordable housing option because they offer the chance to create a space that a family can truly call their own on a budget. Not only can you buy them with a vast array of available options, you can also remodel a mobile home to satisfy the needs of your family. The dreams that you’ve had for a traditional likely can be transferred to a manufactured home.



Photo by Fabien Rousselot on Unsplash

A what? You heard me right! In some ways, RVs are cooler versions of the culturally acceptable trend of tiny house living. Why? Because they’re tiny houses you can vacation in. Or, if you’re one of the growing number of professionals enjoying remote work options, you can just travel. Permanent holiday, anyone?

The small amount of space RVs afford can be daunting, especially for those of us us with kids in tow. However, there are families who do it, and what they often say is that, after the adjustment of living with fewer things in a smaller space, they actually found that living with less promoted bonding.

There quite a few examples on social media of families willing to demonstrate that living in an RV is not only affordable and possible, but fun too. RV experts note the three primary types of people RVs work for are explorers, nature lovers, and last but not least, penny pinchers. They can be just the thing for a family needing a home, on a budget.

The weight of providing a safe, nurturing space for our children to grow and thrive in can be stressful. But there are options for the parents willing to consider them. Plus, our kids not only benefit from living in a secure environment, they benefit from the example set in the process of attaining that home.

As we’ve noted before, “If your kids see you being wise with your money, it may take them fewer mistakes and bad experiences in the real world to get on track. Everyone screws up here and there, but hey, the better examples your kids have of people who are good with their money, the more concrete their own personal goals can be.”

Ultimately, what makes our houses homes are the family dynamics, and as parents we are the key players in orchestrating how those dynamics play out. The families that thrive in homes of any size or monetary value are those who understand that all they truly need are the people living under the same roof as themselves. That type of perspective makes even the most affordable of homes priceless.

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