Reasons to join the tiny house movement

If you’ve been on the internet in the past few years, you’ve probably heard of the tiny house movement that has been sweeping the nation. This isn’t just a move to smaller dwellings and money-saving schemes; it’s a social movement! People aren’t just downsizing on their houses, and they’re opting to live simpler and more sustainable lives. A “tiny house” is typically around 400 square feet (less than 40 square meters). They can be rented or bought, they can be on wheels or a fixed foundation, and some are even designed and built by the owners using a tiny house kit.

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This might seem like a strange choice to make, to move into such a small space, but there are many benefits to choosing the tiny life.


The most glaringly obvious reason to buy or build a tiny house is that it’s significantly cheaper than a standard-sized home. Many people spend 40 years of their life paying off their mortgage, living paycheck to paycheck to cover the increasing cost of their monthly bills – on average, a tiny house can be paid off in under 2 years. In addition to the lower initial cost, the upkeep of a tiny house is far cheaper, with the owner carrying out much of the maintenance themselves. A smaller space is much easier to heat or keep cool, as well as less plumbing and electrical wiring to worry about.

Environmentally Friendly

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The tiny house movement has taken off because it is a much more environmentally friendly way of living. Less building materials and lower energy costs mean you can reduce your carbon footprint compared to the building of a standard-sized home. And if you want to live an even more eco-friendly lifestyle, such a small space can be run solely on solar-powered energy.

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Mental and emotional benefits

Studies show that the minimalist lifestyle can be mentally beneficial. A tiny house can help you live a simpler, less cluttered life. With the reduction in monthly expenses comes a natural reduction in stress – no more surprise water bills you can’t afford. And a smaller house means fewer possessions and less pressure to have the latest products or fanciest furniture. Many people who have downsized speak of the relief that they no longer have so much stuff to worry about; owning fewer material items sets you free in a sense. A simple life and less emphasis on possessions free up more mental space to focus on yourself, to consider what you want from life and how you want to spend your time now you’re not online shopping and reorganizing your house.

More freedom

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Besides the mental freedom that comes with the minimalist lifestyle, you get more physical freedom when you chose a tiny house. Tiny houses are easier to pick up and move elsewhere, no need to sell up and find a new place if you want to move cities. In fact, some houses actually have wheels already on them – making relocating easier than ever.

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