10 weeks to go, time to start planning!

When asked today when my baby was due, I said “not until January, it’s going really slowly this time around” but then I sat down and thought about it some more, I only have 10 weeks left until my due date and so far we have done NOTHING to prepare for our imminent arrival!!!

It’s funny how things change the more babies you have. When pregnant with Little Bean, we were out shopping for the ‘essentials’ before the ink had dried on our first scan picture, with Beanie Boy we bought a few bits and pieces quite early on and then when we found out at 20 weeks that our bump was a boy we got excited and started buying blue bits and pieces.

This time around, despite really wanting to make the most of this pregnancy knowing it will be my last, time has just slipped away and now I find myself with 10 weeks (or thereabouts) until Jelly Bean arrives and I have done nothing. We need to buy pretty much everything really because we sold most things after Beanie Boy was born thinking that we wouldn’t want to extend our family even further but these little people have a habit of getting under your skin and making you want more. The one thing that I really want to find is a special ‘coming home’ outfit so that Jelly Bean looks the bees knees when we leave hospital and some lovely new sleepsuits and bibs because the ones we had left over were really washed out.


Whilst searching around on the internet I came across JellyBabys, how aptly named could the site be for our little Jelly Bean? I have found soooo many things on this website that I am craving, they have some great brands and really different designs. I have put together a little collage of items which have taken my fancy, what you think?

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2 thoughts on “10 weeks to go, time to start planning!”

    • I KNOW!!! Where did that time go? My neighbour is 5 weeks ahead of me so I keep watching her with trepidation thinking that will be me soon 🙂 Can’t wait to introduce my little fella to everyone x

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