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Magic Sound Board Game

We love board games, they are a great way of spending fun family time together whilst sneakily fine-tuning younger children’s addition, colour recognition and social skills. The difficult choice can be knowing where to start with a board game because the little ones want to join in but you need a game that is fast paced enough to hold their attention or you need the game to have a special feature that will keep them excited.

The Magic Sounds Board games are perfectly aimed at children aged 3 years and upwards. There are three titles to choose from; Spot to the Rescue, Where’s Mamma Duck and Hungry Frogs. We were sent Spot to the Rescue which has been a hit. The game isn’t so long that Little Bean gets fed up and she loves it when she lands on the sound icon and gets to press the button. She thinks it’s hilarious when she sends other players back to their home space, although she doesn’t laugh so much when she gets sent home. We also like having a spinner as opposed to throwing dice because Little Bean can get a little enthusiastic with her throwing!!

Magic Sound Board Game

Game play is very simple, you can have up to 4 players, each player chooses a colour and this will mark their ‘home’ space and their play counter. Around the board are placed 23 tokens, some are blank and the others have kittens on them. The aim of the game is to make your way around the board and collect the kitten tokens. Moves are determined by the spinner. If a player lands on a red space their turn ends, if they land on a yellow space they get to select a token from the middle of the board. If a blank token is selected it gets placed back on the board. If a player lands on the ‘magic sound’ space then the sound button is pressed and all players on red spaces have to return to their home space and start again. The aim of the game is to make it all the way around the board and back to their home space having collected three kitten tokens to be declared the winner.

Spot to the Rescue, Where’s Mamma Duck and Hungry Frogs are available for £9.99 from John Lewis, Tesco and Debenhams.

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