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10 Ways to Avoid Shopping on Impulse

Guilty as charged!! Hello, my name is Sabina, I am 41 years old and I need to avoid shopping on impulse!

What is an Impulse Buyer?

An Impulse Buyer is someone who just has to buy something right there, right then. I can convince myself of a 100 different reasons why I NEED to buy that new top but then I get home, leave it in the bag in the bottom of the wardrobe only to find it months later, unworn! Do you recognise this in yourself? Then you’re an Impulse Buyer too?
It doesn’t necessarily have to be fashion items, it can be DVDs, CDs, animals, sports equipment, even CARS!! You can be walking around without a single thought of making a purchase but a bit like that Magpie that spots the shiny bit of paper on the floor, you just know that you have to have whatever it is that takes your eye.

Recognising your problem

The first step to overcoming this issue is recognising when you have a problem. Mine came each time that I moved house and realised just how many items of clothing I had in my wardrobes, under beds and in box upon box in the garage. Honestly, it’s frightening!! Would you believe me if I told you that selling a lot of my old clothes paid a big wedge towards our wedding? It’s true!

How to avoid Shopping on Impulse

Whilst it seems like fun at the time, that rush of adrenaline spending money and getting a shiny new purchase, it’s not always so much fun when you look at your bank balance. I found this cool infographic on 10 Ways to Avoid Shopping on Impulse which I wanted to share with you (in the hope that it will help me). Let me know what you think?
Courtesy of: Pound Place
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