Putting a ring on it – how to get that proposal!

When you’ve settled with your partner with no complaints to report about, it might be time for him to make an honest woman out of you and put a ring on it. But as boys will be boys, it might feel like your partner hasn’t even given proposing a second thought. How do you clarify that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship? Why not drop a few hints to your man so that he knows that you’re truly ready to become engaged and for him to put a perfect palladium engagement ring on your finger?

Putting a ring on it - how to get that proposal!

With the helping hand of Angelic Diamonds to get you those vital hints, we can tell you how to get him popping the big question in no time at all.

Socialise with your married friends

Ensuring your partner hangs around with your married friends and family members will make him realise that you’re comfortable with him being around others in more serious relationships.


Additionally, married friends will help show your other half that marriage has its ups and downs, but this commitment shown through other people will help him envision this with you. Although men who have divorced parents sometimes struggle to trust this commitment, replacing negative feelings with positive ones in this type of environment may help bring them around to your way of thinking.

Make him aware you are there for him

Relationships can easily fall into routines that separate you as individuals rather than as one. Make sure that you can be your partner’s go-to guy as well as a girlfriend. If the guys are constantly leaving you behind, this will put a strain on his ability to propose and take you seriously. It would help if you made him aware you are there for him, whether it’s taking an interest in hobbies or simply talking through life’s everyday stresses.


You want to make him think you are the whole package. Try going for runs together and take an interest in his interests and hobbies. If you can be part of his whole life, rather than just someone he spends time with, then he’ll feel like you’re indispensable. Once you get to this point in your relationship, then he’ll feel like proposing, as he can’t spend his time without you!

Give him an ultimatum

This is a technique that some people would rather avoid, but you need to be cruel to be kind. If you don’t see your relationship heading in the right direction, and things are flatlining, try and find his pulse again by telling him you may move out.


You don’t need to be that dramatic — instead, why not try changing careers without letting him know or spending more time with the girls unannounced? Although he knows that you’re always there for him, this will make him feel that he isn’t as included as he should be, and he’ll start to wonder why. Keeping him on his toes in this way will make him realise that he needs to put the effort in (by proposing!) so that he can get your undivided effort and attention in the future.

Talk about your feelings

Be honest! Whilst there are many hints and tricks you could use to get your other half to propose, sometimes communication really is key to the success of a relationship. If you want to get engaged, why not talk to him about why it’s important to you?


If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, you need to talk about your feelings with him openly. If you can tell him why you want to marry him, then the likelihood is he’ll know how much he means to you. Sometimes, people have the same fears and doubts within a relationship, but they are too afraid to address them. By talking about your future together, he’ll know that you want to be a part of it. By giving him that gentle nudge in the right direction, you may have an engagement ring on your finger before you know it.

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