045/366 – Who said romance was dead?


Having only just returned from our weekend away to France I didn’t think it was fair to ask someone to babysit again so that we could go out for the evening on Valentines so instead I transformed our dining room from my office/workshop into a romantic little haven to surprise Hubby when he came home from work. I lovingly prepared our favourite Chilli Con Carne followed by Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake. Hubby was blown away and we had a lovely evening (once the children were firmly deposited in in their beds!) and then sat down to watch a romcom DVD which I tell you more about in another post.

You might notice I have yellow roses instead of the traditional red roses. In case you haven’t seen in previous posts, I don’t really like red roses that much (although they would look lovely in my kitchen). Many moons ago before Hubby and I became a couple he overheard me talking to one of my girlfriends where I said that I didn’t like red roses, I said that if a man wanted to have my love he needed to buy me yellow roses and lemon bon bons. On my next birthday I walked out to my car at work to find a bag of lemon bon bons and a bouquet of yellow roses waiting for me on the bonnet. Hubby had listened with intent and buys them for me every Valentines and every birthday, but you’d be surprised how difficult it is to get hold of lemon bon bons, just ask Hubby!

What did you do for Valentines?

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