030/365-2013 – Looking after Mummy

No i am not a slave driver to my tiddlers, Beanie Boy is always so eager to make me happy that he is a really helpful little boy. Since my bump has got to the stage where i struggle to get my shoes on and off, Beanie Boy has made it his job to help me putting them on and taking them off. He even makes sure my slippers are close by so that he can put them on my feet as soon as the boots come off. This morning we went to the supermarket to get a few bits and pieces. Beanie Boy was my own personal shopper, he put all of my shopping into the trolley, took it out of the trolley to give to the cashier and then even carried a bag of shopping (just crisps) back to the car for me and again when we got home. Do you have a little helper?

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