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018/366 – A day out with my boy

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It probably sounds daft to say this but today felt like my ‘first’ day out with Beanie Boy alone ‘but of course it wasn’t. I have been out with him on my own loads of times but today was different. This morning we took Little Bean to school, had a quick cuppa with Karin and Sam and then made our way to the train station.

As we tried to board the train I was faced with the challenge of lifting the pushchair onto the train and realised that no matter how much I tipped the buggy back towards me the wheels would not reach the step. As a gentleman had got on in front of me I asked if he would be able to help me (which is rare for me as I never ask for help) and he turned and looked at me as though I had actually just asked if I could pee on his shoe! He did help me but once on the train he tutted and walked off, he didn’t even acknowledge me when I said “thank you so much”. Meh!

Not to be put off I snuggled Beanie Boy down into his pushchair, pulled up the Snoozeshade and let the motion of the train do its magic. Within minutes of leaving the station he was sleeping soundly, leaving Mummy to catch up on her emails.

We were heading to London to attend a blog event for Tommee Tippee which I will tell you about later. My plan initially was to get a taxi to the venue but as we had arrived in plenty of time I decided to walk. London is such a big, beautiful place it makes it feel like much more of a day out to walk and see it all rather than travelling underground. It’s even more special when Beanie Boy is making lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahhhs’ sounds as he points out all the sights which interest him. Beanie Boy is coming into one of my favourite ages that I remember with Little Bean (all of the ages/stages are my favourite but this one in particular). He is so full of personality right now, he is just starting to say words and I can almost have my own little conversations with him, he is loving, funny, cheeky and is such good company, it reminded me so much of my trip to London with Little Bean at the end of last year. I feel so lucky to be able to spend days like today with my boy, I will never take days like these for granted.

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