012/365-2013 – Beanie Boy, Mummy and Daddy


This afternoon, our world narrowed delightfully to just the three of us. With Curly at his Mum’s and Little Bean enjoying a sleepover at Nanna’s, Beanie Boy had the rare treat of undivided attention from both Mummy and Daddy. Post-nap, we ventured into town for some errands – a mundane task, one might think, but not for Beanie Boy. Freed from the confines of his pushchair, he revelled in walking hand-in-hand with us, basking in our sole focus.

The ordinary transformed into the extraordinary for him – each escalator ride with Daddy was an adventure, each elevator trip an exciting journey where he, without siblings to contend, gleefully pressed the buttons. His eyes sparkled with mischief and joy, particularly when he spotted a denim-clad dog in Jack & Jones, his laughter echoing through the store. His cheeky antics only endeared him more to us – he was, in every sense, our delightful little rascal.

However, the day’s excitement took an unfortunate turn by bedtime. Poor Beanie Boy was sick all over his bed, a distressing end to an otherwise lovely day. We’re hoping it’s just a result of over-tiredness and the day’s exhilaration, not the foreboding sign of another bug making its rounds at home. With bated breath, we await what the night and tomorrow may hold, hoping for the best but prepared for any eventuality.

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