I’m only asking for a little bit of good luck . . . 1

I’m only asking for a little bit of good luck . . .

Seriously, I’m not asking for a lottery win (although it would be nice), I’m just asking for things to start going right with me and Jelly Bean health-wise because I am beyond fed up now. Last week I wrote this post and still things aren’t right. I have now finished the antibiotics that were prescribed to me last week for the questionable chest infection and high temperature but now that the course has finished my temperature is still sitting around the 38.5C mark and I am still feeling pretty rubbish. Last week when I saw the GP he sent me for a bunch of blood tests and this morning I got called in to discuss the results. It would appear that my Thyroxcine levels have dropped even further and my liver function is high. He has quadrupled my Thyroxcine dosage but said that it could take 6 weeks to take effect, to which I pointed out that I am due a week on Saturday. The more upsetting news that the Doctor gave me was that low Thyroxcine levels can affect baby intellectually and developmentally, not what you want to hear about your unborn baby!! I do realise that he has to cover his back and that things could turn out absolutely fine but now the seed of doubt has been sewn.

Maternity Notes

When I returned home I felt really annoyed that things had been allowed to get this far so I called the Maternity Unit and explained everything to them. They then looked at my blood results and said that they also indicated I am anaemic and had I been given iron tablets “erm no”. The Midwife asked if I was under a Consultant at all to which I said that I had been discharged at 18 weeks because I was healthy then, everything kicked off when I was 20 weeks pregnant. The Midwife has now made an appointment for me to see the Consultant but not until next Monday which is less than a week from my due date.

Birthing ball

As I type this post I am sitting on a birthing ball, drinking raspberry leaf tea by the bucket because I just want to get baby into position so that he can be born safely. Really, that’s not too much to ask is it?

Raspberry Leaf Tea


  • Kahanka

    January 15 at 2:47 pm

    Oh my lovely, I had no idea. have been so busy with my bad news and haven’t been reading any blogs lately. I hope everything goes well and fingers crossed your baba arrives soon and in great health! Still not getting your e-mail updates ;(((

    1. mummymatters

      January 16 at 8:55 pm

      Flipping emails, I don’t know where I am going wrong with it?!?!? You have to concentrate on your family at the moment and look after you. Me and Jelly Bean will be fine and I am sure he will have a big cuddle ready for you when we next see you xx

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