011/365-2013 – Superstar of the Week!!

Yesterday, during my usual afternoon ritual of collecting Little Bean from school, I had an exceptionally proud moment. Her teacher greeted me with wonderful news: Little Bean had earned three ticks on the ‘Star of the Week’ chart. She wasn’t just a good girl; her writing had been exceptional! I couldn’t contain my excitement and made a little celebration of it. We even called Daddy on the way home, Little Bean bubbling with eagerness to share her achievement.

Star of the Week

Peering at the chart, my heart swelled with pride. Little Bean’s name was ahead, leading her classmates – a testament to her hard work. Naturally, I showered her with praise, reinforcing how proud we were of her diligence and creativity.

Today’s pick-up brought even more joy. Little Bean, practically skipping with excitement, brandished a Certificate – she was declared the ‘Superstar of the Week’! Gaining more ticks today, her teacher was particularly impressed, considering she had only been in school for three days this week due to illness. They’ve been delving into the world of dinosaurs – a topic Little Bean adores, much like her big brother Curly. Holding her Certificate, her eyes sparkled with pride, mirroring the praise from her teacher.

We are brimming with pride for our Little Bean and seize every chance to remind her of how amazing she is!

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