Make an occasion of #FamilyFilmNight

We have been regularly enjoying #FamilyFilmNight for a few years now. It’s a great way to relax as a family at the end of a busy week. Apart from taking the odd photograph of us chilling out, all technology is banned (apart from the TV/DVD/Netflix of course). We usually snuggle up on the sofas, beanbags […]

Project 366 – Week 19 2016

Sunday was all about Nanna (my Mum) as we were celebrating her birthday. The sun was shining brightly and so we took that as an opportunity to head out somewhere we hadn’t been before. A photographer friend of mine had done a photoshoot the previous day at a Bluebell Wood I hadn’t heard of before […]

A Birthday in the Bluebells for Nanna

Last week saw the start of lots of birthday celebrations.  First off on Sunday we were celebrating Nanna (my Mum’s) Birthday and the Beans were so excited.  I had asked Little Bean if she would like to help me make Nanna’s birthday cake this year and she had some great ideas.  We discussed what is […]

Dens, Sponge Bob and #SkyKids

  A couple of weeks ago Little Bean was invited to her very first sleepover at a friends house with a group of her friends from school. She was naturally very excited at the prospect of having this time with her friends and sleeping somewhere different so she was talking about it for days before […]

Project 366 – Week 17 2016

Woohoo I’m getting up to date with this little project, I am so determined that I will complete the full year so let’s get on with Week 17!! The morning after our night out celebrating birthdays we were all feeling a little ‘delicate’ but Hubby made us all feel so much better with a yummy […]

Project 366 – Week 16 2016

It was another early start for us as we hopped into the van to drive down to London once more for a party we wouldn’t forget in a hurry.  It’s no secret that we are big fans of Pizza Express and we had been lucky enough to be invited to a Pizza Express Party at […]

Project 366 – Week 15 2016

Oopsy I seem to have got a little behind in my #Project366 photographs, I just knew this would happen so I going to give you a very quick update to get me back up to speed again. Sunday was a chilled day at home doing nothing very much.  Later in the day we decided to […]