4 Great Games to Play with Your Kids

Are you a parent constantly looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, busy, and happy? It can be a real struggle to develop ideas that appeal to them, especially when you’ve got multiple kids in different age groups. Whether you’re looking for ways to pass a rainy Saturday at home or relax on a weekday evening with the kids, here’s a look at four great games you can play together. These are sure to keep them happily engaged.

Create the Ultimate At-Home Scavenger Hunt

Games to Play with Your Kids

Looking for a way to encourage the kids to get up, move around, engage in a game and have fun? The perfect solution is to create the ultimate at-home scavenger hunt. You can change the hunt to reflect the season, any special holidays, special events, themes, etc. If you’re having difficulty thinking of items to add to the list, research online, as you’ll find plenty of templates. Remember, scavenger hunts can be done indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather, so it can also be a way to encourage kids to get some fresh air. If you have young kids, you can re-label the scavenger hunt as a treasure hunt where they collect prizes like treats, coins, etc.

Word Games are Not Only Fun but Educational

Words games are a special category in that they give kids a fun game to play, yet they have an educational aspect. Kids will expand their vocabulary and enhance their spelling skills without feeling like a lesson or chore. Finding age-appropriate word games that aren’t too easy or hard for their age group is just a matter.

Some great examples of popular word games that may be perfect for their age group include:

  • Scrabble
  • Words with Friends
  • Wordsearch books
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Wordscapes
  • Boggle
  • Yahtzee

You’ll find a variety here between classic board games and apps for smart devices. There are also online tools that will help you unscramble letters should you find yourself getting stuck, allowing you to spend more time with your kids playing and not getting frustrated trying to figure out a word.

Video Games Do a Great Job of Entertaining Tweens

Family gaming

Sure, people of any age can play a video game, but when it comes to finding something tweens and teens like to do with their parents, that can be tricky. Video games are a simple solution as you’ll be on their playing field. Let them pick the games, give you the gameplay lesson, and enjoy the laughs you will have. And don’t let these laughs fade away by affecting your vision; get a pair of video game glasses for everyone to keep your eyes protected from blue light. Find this source to buy these glasses online and keep sharing the laughs.

There are a few video games in particular that are perfect for family game night, and they include:

Card Games Still Have a Place in the Rotation

Even though a card game may not sound as exciting as some of the other options, they still deserve a spot in the rotation. Whether you want to teach kids some classic games or pick up a new and modern card game, there is plenty to be said about these games. Card games are also great when travelling, as throwing a deck of cards in your luggage is easy.

This is just a small look at the many great games you can play with your kids, as there are many others. It helps to know what interests them and what they get excited about, as you can then play off those concepts and themes.

4 Great Games to Play with Your Kids 1

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