The Importance of Regular Boiler Services

A boiler is responsible for producing and transporting heat around our homes. Therefore, as with any other major home appliance, it must be thoroughly serviced regularly. This can pick on several problems relating to the normal functioning of your boiler and even prevent carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a leak. Continue reading to find out why you should book regular boiler service and maintenance.

Stop problems in their tracks

The Importance of Regular Boiler Services
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Whether your boiler is leaking or producing low or high pressure, regular services can pick up on these problems before they progress. An engineer will thoroughly examine your boiler inside and out to check for any issues that may end up costing you time and money to remedy if ignored for a prolonged period of time. You can then address the problem head-on to prevent it from worsening and protect your boiler from further deteriorating over time.

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Prevent cold showers

There is nothing worse than an unexpected cold shower. Regular boiler services can pick up any issues relating to fluctuating water temperature and prevent them from escalating any further. As a result, your boiler is much less likely to break down, and you are less likely to suffer from any nasty surprises the next time you decide to take a shower.

Save money

Save money

Sudden boiler breakdowns can be costly and time-consuming to fix. If you require the urgent services of an emergency engineer, you may be forced to shell out for time, labour, and material costs. By treating your boiler to regular services, you can identify any problems ahead of time and reduce your chances of paying out for the services of an engineer to fix a crisis that could have been avoided. An annual boiler servicing contract that includes boiler cover may seem costly at first, but it can prevent you from being left out of pocket in the event of a sudden emergency.

If you do find out that you need a replacement boiler, you may find that you can get support for the costs. As Duffy Heating outlines on their website, in Ireland, grants are available from SAIE’s Better Energy Homes scheme, which could significantly reduce expenses.

Protect you and your family

Aside from ensuring your boiler is in perfect working order, regular services can also protect you and your family. According to a recent study, carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for over 430 deaths, and 50,000 hospital stays in the US each year. An invisible, odourless gas, it is known as the silent killer and can infiltrate your home in a matter of seconds. By taking steps to protect you and your family from the dangers of boiler negligence, you can relax knowing your loved ones are in safe hands under your roof.

Regular services can ensure your boiler is in normal working order and prolong its lifespan. They can also protect you and your family from several nasty side effects associated with boiler negligence and carelessness. So shop around to find a reputable boiler servicing or replacement company in your local area.

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