Wii Lego Harry Potter – Years 5-7

image My first encounter with Lego Harry Potter was last year when Years 1-4 were released and Auntie E bought a copy for Curly, I think the fact that he flung his arms around her neck and knocked her flying were proof enough that he was excited about this gift. Hubby and I were close to flinging our arms around her neck in a similar motion as weeks later we had the quietest (then) 9 year old around as he disappeared into the game and we only knew that he was still alive by the fact that every now and then he would burst into laughter or stop (momentarily) to pop to the loo.

When Years 5-7 were announced Curly declared “oh wicked, I’ve got to get that” and so was over the moon to be give a copy to review. Again he disappeared for hours at a time into the world of Lego Harry Potter. From a gamer’s perspective I have been told that the gameplay is more involved than the first instalment and that the visuals are much better. As with the books/films Years 5-7 are notably ‘darker’ than the first game although still suitable for the likes of Curly.

Unfortunately Little Bean isn’t quite old enough to play these games with her big ‘Bro’ just yet but there is two-player options to make gameplay more interesting and to give you help in solving some of the puzzles. In Free Play Mode you’ll need to concentrate hard if you want to master the stud-collecting broomstick flight across London.


There’s plenty of action and humour in this game to keep you amused for a good few weeks, and even more if you’re the sort to go back and better your score or replay certain areas. Wii Lego Harry Potter is certainly a hit in the Mummy Matters house but then I pretty much always knew it would be!

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