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I think I’m developing RSI!

RSI I used to work in the Personal Injury department for a successful law firm and they took our individual workspaces very seriously. We each had the correct chair to support our posture as well as footrests, wrist rests, monitor stands etc etc and so any office based jobs I have had since then I have always been keen to make sure that I have continued to look after my posture.

But for the last 4 years my ‘office’ has been my sofa, dining table or kitchen table and let’s face it, none of them are really designed for support when working on a computer and now I’m starting to notice the difference. It used to be that I would get wrist ache late into the evening when I had been doing lots of typing or jewellery-making but it has now got to the point where my wrists wake me up in the night with pain and when I have been especially busy I can actually start the day with wrist/hand pain and even lower back.

A while ago I reviewed the Fellowes Foot Rest and this has made considerable improvements to leg pains that I was having and I still use it now but I think I need to do something about my hands/wrists before it’s too late. I’m only 35 so I don’t want to start with bad joints at this age, I was planning on saving all that for when I’m old and grey!

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