Remember to pamper your partner too

Pamper After you get everything you want — an adoring husband, beautiful children and the house of your dreams — how do you keep it all together? Us mummies make it look like a breeze, but taking care of a family is more challenging than others would believe. Romance usually falls by the wayside after having babies, but you can reclaim the sparks that made you want to start a family with your significant other in the first place.

Now, we know that having a career, keeping up with play dates and maintaining the household take up enough of your time, so a weekend getaway is not always in the cards. Fear not, however, because these ideas are quick and easy ways to get your relationship back on track.

1. Make the special days really count.

Whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s day, don’t skip out on the chance to celebrate. We know it’s hard to find time in the everyday schedule, but these events are the perfect time to remind yourselves that you’re not just parents but also lovers and friends. If you’re hard-pressed for ideas, stick with the basics–a cake for his birthday or a Valentine’scard can work wonders for a relationship.

2. Call out of the blue.

When you call your hubby during the workday, it’s probably to remind him of an appointment or to ask a question about the kids usually. The next time you call, surprise him with some kind words, instead. Simply saying “I love you” when it’s least expected can remind him that you miss him when he’s gone and that you think of him often.

Pamper 3. Make his favourite meal.

Now that you’ve got little ones, you probably plan your meal times keeping in mind that they are picky eaters. Instead of whipping up the usual chicken fingers or simple sandwiches, prepare your significant other’s favourite meal as a reminder that he’s important, too. For extra romance points, take the kids to over to the neighbour’s or to a relative’s house before he gets home so that you can have a peaceful meal alone.

4. Have dessert.

Even if you can’t spare the time to make an elaborate meal, don’t discount dessert. Some chocolates on the pillow with a chilled bottle of wine can come in handy after the kids are fast asleep – and requires almost no time to put together. Use the time to reconnect with your loved one, and you may be surprised at how fast the sparks start to fly again.

5. Send him a card at work.

Snail mail has all but died in the age of the email, but the simple fact that it takes more time to send is romantic in itself. The next time you’re out running errands, browse through the Hallmark at a local store and pick one that says everything you forget to say on a daily basis. He’ll be pleasantly surprised when he receives it, and it will give him a break from the stress of work.

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