Top Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Private Investigator Before Filing a Divorce

Is the idea of hiring a private eye before filing a divorce a good one? While it may seem a costly decision, especially if you are going to give up your marriage, the findings of a private investigator make a difference in losing and winning the court battle over your children and money. It is a practical way to protect your rights and interests, letting you proceed with your divorce plan with more confidence. For this purpose, hiring professional investigation services in Riverside California, such as Amatrix private investigator firm, will help you uncover the truth.

Top reasons to hire a private investigator

Why You Need to Hire a Private Investigator Before Filing a Divorce

Get accurate information

The battle between spouses concerning child custody, division of assets and properties, as well as other obligations, is always an emotional coaster ordeal. Disagreements may arise during the proceedings due to incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. This is where the work of a Private Investigator Vancouver based comes in handy. They can help to gather the necessary documents for you beforehand and give them to your divorce lawyer, who can continue the process. 

Prove allegations and infidelity issues


In the case of ‘fault divorce’, where the breakup of the marriage is blamed on one party, either the husband or the wife, strong evidence is necessary. A private investigator in the UK can dig for important proofs or documents to support the case. The court will decide according to the pieces of evidence presented by both parties. Professional investigators for divorce are well-trained and capable of securing evidence to help you win the case.

If you believe that your ex is cheating, hiring a private investigator will help you secure proof of infidelity, like recovering deleted communication via the internet, surveillance, and a traditional interview approach. You will have records about the whereabouts or activities of your ex that will prove if your suspicion is confirmed. 

Find hidden money

Private investigators are well-versed in discovering hidden assets and money of one of the parties who tries to avoid paying a higher amount of child support. Perhaps, one reason is the mistrust that one party will use the money for self—interest and not for the children. If you suspect that your spouse is misrepresenting his income or hiding some assets, a private investigator will help you uncover evidence. Licensed investigators have access to select records and databases that will prove your hunch. 

Win the custody battle

Custody battle

Settling the issue of who cares for the children is crucial to divorce. A private investigator can find out the truth about extenuating circumstances like drug use, physical abuse, alcoholism, or infidelity. The objective here is to rule out situations that will compromise the safety and health of minor children.

The role of the PI is to confirm or deny the accusations, depending on whose side he works for, by doing surveillance and investigation. Videotapes showing your ex doing drugs, drinking alcohol, driving the kids while intoxicated, having an illicit affair, or engaging in illegal acts weigh a lot in a divorce case. The gathered information will help the divorce lawyer to appeal for the sole or primary custody of the kids. 

Fair division of properties

In many cases of divorce, the division of marital assets and properties leads to arguments and disagreements. Hiring a private investigator before filing a divorce will help you determine the actual worth of your spouse and if there are accounts or assets that you’re not aware of. Moreover, your lawyer can use the investigator as a witness to deny or affirm the information. With accurate records that show pieces of evidence, the private investigator’s testimony will strengthen your claims of a fair share of savings, cars, houses, investment properties, retirement accounts, furniture, heirlooms, and other valuables.  

How to hire a private investigator?

Search online

Look for a private investigation firm with years of experience and specialization in gathering civil and criminal case evidence. Ask for referrals from friends and relatives who experienced hiring private investigators in the past. Always run a background check of your options and study the reviews of previous clients on their websites. Once you’ve decided, make a call to set an appointment.

Key takeaway

Seeking assistance from a private investigator is worth the investment. Having a professional do the necessary legwork and proof-gathering allows you to focus on more essential matters like your emotional health and children. With training and experience, your hired investigator can perform various functions that can help you leverage your claims over custody, properties, and money.

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