Ways to keep your home safe for kids

Kids are curious and playful. They like experimenting with anything they come across with. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children are safe while at home. That can be achieved by taking care of the things you consider simple. For example, covering any electrical outlets in your house and maybe disinfecting your whole home area. 

Carrying out such will ensure every parent or guardian lives without fear, and the children are given an opportunity to fully discover by themselves. Let us look at some of the things you can do to enhance kids’ safety.

Avoid Leaving Kids Alone In Water

Bath safety

Kids enjoy playing in the water and taking long baths, but water can turn out and be hazardous at times. Allowing your kids to play in swimming pools or even bathtubs without supervision is very risky. Storing water in containers that are not well covered may also lead to drowning and suffocation. 

Parents and guardians are always advised to ensure their taps are well closed to avoid slipping and causing severe injuries to kids when running around the house. Kids may also drink random water inside the house and lead to choking; it may lead to severe infections if the water is contaminated. The washing area should also be well locked to prevent kids from running into them and playing around with taps around that area.

Children need close supervision when having fun, like playing water balloon games, swimming, or just having a regular bath. Do not be tempted to leave your kids in water to grab something, however fast it may be. A few seconds of picking up a phone or turning off lights in a room may lead to a severe and regrettable accident.

Keep Chemicals Out Of Children’s Reach

A good number of items used in the house have chemicals that are harmful to kids. The items might be in your garage, kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area. They may be cleaning detergents, medicines, pesticides, and even average body and house sprays that have toxic chemicals that should not be consumed or inhaled. 

The pleasing odour of some of these products may trigger kids’ inquisitive nature and make them want to play around with them. Meddling with containers holding such chemicals may cause severe dangers like poisoning. Containers with such chemicals should be placed on high and lockable cabinets. If you suspect that your children have consumed such chemicals, give them a glass of milk and rush them to the nearest hospital.

Your Electrical Outlets Should Always Be Child Proofed.

All the electrical outlets in the house have plug points that are inviting for children to play around with. The kids may be tempted to stick pointed objects or their bare fingers inside the holes. The children may also put the cables leading to those outlets in their mouths. The result of such actions will be fatal for any kid. 

All the sockets should be well covered, and in your home, we’ll be grounded. It is also essential to educate your children about the dangers of electricity. If your home uses a solar power system, it is crucial to use the rapid shutdown solar technology.

Making Sure Any Openings In Your Home Are Secured

Kids enjoy playing now and then. Most of their games involve running up and down. When the games become so sweet, they forget to check the exact place they are playing or running into. For such reasons, any openings in your home should be covered and repaired in case they are serious. Children may get their fingers stuck in small gaps around the house and get minor injuries. 

Doors and windows which have larger openings that kids can pass through should always be appropriately locked. A kid may be tempted to gaze down when on a higher floor and fall in the process. Using child-resistant locks on all windows and doors is a good option. 

You can also have door and window sensors that will alert you if your kids want to access rooms that they are not allowed to. Guyabouthome has all that and many more security options for your home. Place barriers on the base of your staircase to prevent your kids from crawling on them.

Small Items Should Always Be Stored In Secure Places

Kids will always want to explore and grab anything they come across with. Most of these things will end up in their mouths or any other opening in their bodies. It could be the ears or even the nose. Trying to remove items like beads inside a kid’s nose is not easy. Some of those items may also choke them and lead to something serious if they are not attended to immediately.


The home should be the safest place a child can be in the whole world. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be harmed while in it. Many items are essential in any home, but when misused, they can be harmful. For instance, any electrical appliance can cause shock or even fire if not used appropriately. The things discussed in this writing are beneficial for anyone trying to make their home safer for children.

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