Why Berlin is the place to visit in 2019

November will mark 30 years since the fall of the Wall

On 9 November 1989, Berlin was reunited. The Berlin Wall fell, and the city saw the end of the border that had left it divided into East and West for 28 years, tearing apart families, friends and neighbours. For many people, the fall of the Wall was the best day of their lives – the day they regained their freedom through a Peaceful Revolution. This year is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Wall coming down, and several exhibitions will take place across the city in commemoration of this anniversary.



Bauhaus 100

Germany is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement throughout the entire year of 2019. Founded in Weimar in 1919, relocated to Dessau in 1925 and closed in Berlin under pressure from the Nazis in 1933, this influential school of design, architecture, art, photography and theatre only existed for a total of 14 years. Despite this, the influence of Bauhaus continues to this day all over the world. Berlin is marking the occasion with a year-long event programme, ‘100 years of Bauhaus in Berlin’, including Bauhaus Week Berlin 2019: 31 August – 8 September, which will transform the city into a stage for Bauhaus design concepts and social ideas including everything from exhibitions and artistic performances to workshops in architectural offices and design studios.


Where to stay

Opened at the end of August 2017, Orania.Berlin is located?in the creative heart of the city in Kreuzberg at the Oranienplatz 17, a building which dates from 1913. Formerly home to the legendary Oranienpalast Café, as it was known at the time, the venue played host to outstanding concerts. Reviving this identity, the 41-room Orania.Berlin has a vibrant programme of Jazz, Classical and Electronic Music concerts, performed by great artists living in Berlin, as well as readings and film screenings. These are hosted in both the property’s Orania.Bar, which features a concert stage and Steinway piano, and the Orania.Salon overlooking the city’s skyline, complete with an incredible score library at the disposal of musicians and a second Steinway piano.

Orania.Berlin is available from EUR 280 per night, based on two adults sharing an Orania.25 room and including breakfast and tickets to all concerts. For bookings please visit orania.berlin for further information.

Why Berlin is the place to visit in 2019

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  1. I have never been to Berlin but it looks so beautiful, just perfect to relax and refresh. Thanks for showing me another great place to add to my bucket list

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