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Would you consider using Feng Shui?

I have always been interested in things like Feng Shui and doing things a little differently. Many people consider such things to be a load of nonsense but from what I can see the Eastern cultures are very clever, successful and wealthy people so it can’t all be wrong.

For many years I have owned a three legged toad, a tortoise who sits on a mound of coins and multiple laughing Buddhas. When I have found I needed help and assistance in certain areas of my life I have read up as much as I can online and in books about ways of increasing the positive energy around me but as our house and family has grown, as our lives have become a little more busy and complicated I have struggled to find all the answers so last year when things seemed to start off pretty rubbish at the beginning of the year and then had a gradual decline towards the end of the year I decided enough was enough, so with some financial help from my Mum I took the plunge and arranged for a Feng Shui Consultant to come and spend the day in our home. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, I researched thoroughly online first and selected Vanessa through the Feng Shui Society website. I liked the look of Vanessa, despite never having met her before I felt like I already knew her. If I was going to be inviting a stranger into my home for a full day, I needed to feel comfortable with them and with Vanessa I got it right.

Feng Shui

We had a couple of phone calls before she initially came, I sent her floor plans and photographs of our home and told her what my main areas for concern were. After looking at the floor plans and pictures there were a number of issues that she suggested I address straight away.

  1. We had just bought a brand new bed, a cream wrought iron bed frame – Vanessa said that as pretty as the bed was, it was offering no support in our life. We needed to change this for a bed frame with a solid head board. Funnily enough our previous bed was made of very thick solid wood and it was around the time that we changed our bed that some of our problems began.
  2. Wherever we had groups of pictures in our home I had displayed them in descending order from left to right, which meant that all of our luck and opportunities were falling away from us. Vanessa reminded me to always think of the Nike tick and how it goes up at the end. That is how items should always be displayed in the home. The same goes for any ornaments or picture frames, they should be displayed in pairs and with the tallest item always to the left. Also, pictures are very powerful in the home. If they have words, they need to be positive, forward thinking and meaningful. Vanessa has a great video on the Power of Pictures here.
  3. In our downstairs toilet which I decorated last year with the campervan wallpaper I had bought a picture which said “Keep Calm and Carry on Dreaming” with a picture of a campervan on it. Hubby and I love campervans and hope one day to own one. The problem with this picture was the wording. Vanessa asked if we wanted to ‘dream’ our way through life or if we wanted to ‘live’ it. The answer was simple.
  4. The boys were not sleeping well, waking many times through the night and staying awake from early morning then being tired through the day and playing up because they were overtired. You may have seen on Instagram and Facebook that I had hung a faceted crystal ball in the boys bedroom window so they would see ‘fairies’ when the sun shone on it and the lights bounced around their room. In actual fact this was multiplying the energy in their room so it was making it difficult for them to sleep. The crystal needed to be moved.

These were just the initial points that Vanessa picked up on before she came to the home. It certainly gave me enough to get me thinking but I’ll tell you more about that another day.

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