When to replace your mattress

You may find your old mattress fine, but many indicators tell you that it is time for a new mattress. Are you often prone to allergies? Do you experience frequent back pains? The fundamental reason behind these issues can be your old mattress; this is the signal for you to get a brand new mattress and assist you in your new mattress search, Mattress Firm Pillows published many unbiased reviews of mattresses like Queen Mattress under 200. This will help you replace your mattress under budget.

When to replace your mattress
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But the real question still stands: when to replace a mattress and what factors tell you that it is time for a new one? So, let’s dive into those factors.

1.    Old Mattress

The lifespan of your mattress says a lot about it. A good mattress can last around 7 to 10 years; however, after that, it is subjected to defects that can decrease your sleep quality, and you may find it difficult to sleep.

2.    Saggy or lumpy mattress

Usually, mattresses are supposed to be used for around 8 years, after that they tend to sag or become lumpy. Saggy mattress may not provide firmness or proper support, casting an impact on your overall sleep experience. Further, the lumps on the mattress can make your mattress’s surface uneven and contribute to back pain.

3.    Noisy mattress

When your old mattress is worn off, it tends to get noisy and creaky. You may hear your mattress scream every time you turn or toss on it; this is an indicator that you need to change your mattress. The noise of the mattress can be immensely annoying, and this is a sign to get a new mattress.

4.    Harder or softer

Everyone has a different sleep need, where some love a comfortable soft mattress whilst the others prefer a harder and a firmer mattress. Therefore, when you buy a mattress, you choose to buy the one that suits you; if you are a soft mattress lover, you will buy a softer mattress. However, it will get hard over time to find it hard to sleep on the hard mattress.

5.    Pain and Soreness

Comfort is linked with painless sleep; however, the old mattress may make it immensely hard for you to get a good night’s sleep. The mattress surface does not offer support to your body, which can lead to back and neck pain that can cause discomfort, and you may not sleep well.

6.    Allergies

Our body tends to shed dead cells and sweats during the night, and the skin cells are a perfect meal for bed bugs and dust mites, whilst, body sweat attracts mold that can make your mattress dirty. Mold and bed bugs can cause severe skin issues, and in some extreme cases, it can cause breathing issues. Thus, as soon as your mattress gets old- around 6-10 years- replace it with a new one.

If you mattress displays any of these signs, it is a clear hint that you need to replace your mattress.

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