When Mummy Matters interviewed Stacey Solomon on the launch of her first album

Stacey Solomon came into the public eye way back in 2009 when she auditioned for the sixth series of the X Factor. I loved the sound of her voice from the first note and the rest of the UK obviously did too as she made it through to the finals coming in third place behind Joe McElderry and Olly Murs.

Stacey Solomon

Since X Factor we have seen Stacey regularly on TV, she was crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2010 winning I’m a Celebrity and most recently competed in The Jump. She hasn’t changed one bit, she is still the loveable, giggly girl from Essex. Now Mum to two, Stacey is releasing her first album on 20th April through Conehead (which I have had the privilege of listening to early) and I had the great pleasure of being able to ask her a few questions;

Congratulations on an amazing album Stacey, you must be feeling very proud of yourself?

Thank you. Yes I feel very, very proud, it’s something that I have worked so hard on and it’s really personal and I just feel like it’s such an achievement. No matter what, I have done what I have always dreamed of doing and I feel very proud.

Have your children heard it yet?

Yes they have, we have to listen to it in the car all the time because they want to hear Mummy which is the biggest, nicest feeling ever and I am so glad that they love it.

Which one do they like the best?

Zachary likes Walk the Line actually. I think they like the Ukelele.

Do they sing along?

Yes they do.

At the moment I think my favourites are Shy and Gravity. Where do you get your inspiration for singing from?

From so many different people, growing up I listened to The Carpenters a lot and I absolutely adore Karen Carpenter. Just loads of different people; Celine Dion . . . oh I don’t know, everywhere growing up listening to my parent’s taste in music and it’s just developed into what I love now.

How are you finding being Mum to two boys? Do they get on well or do they drive you around the bend fighting and telling tales like mine?!

I must say my youngest always wants what Zachary has got. There could be 1000 cars of exactly the same type in the room and Zach picks one up, then Leighton wants that one. That’s always an issue but Zach is amazing actually, he’s really good at saying “ok you have that one and I’ll choose another one”. I am SOOOO lucky. They are crazy, always outdoors, I can never sit them still for more than 5 minutes but they are really good boys and Zach is just amazing with my youngest.

Stacey Solomon 1

What are your top 3 tips for juggling work with your boys?

#1 – I have a great supportive family around me, I couldn’t do it without them, they help me in so many ways.

#2 – being able to actually bring them to work sometimes is amazing and really flexible which helps a lot.

#3 – working weird hours is great because I can do the school run, then go to work and then come back and make the dinner. I am VERY lucky.

Do they each get quality time alone with you?

Yes the one thing that I make sure I do is when I am at home and not working for a solid amount of time they get the best quality time with me and I take them to school and pick them up, and we have dinner together and everything is like a normal family working 9-5. I try my hardest to do that a lot.

Your son Zach is in year 2 the same as my daughter so I understand the pressures of trying to keep on top of homework and projects. How do you manage to fit that around your work?

Giggles – The homework is so much more than I thought it would be. I mean, he’s only coming up to 7 and he has got loads, he is coming home with so much homework. He is pretty good because he is at the age where he is excited about the homework, you know where they come home and he’s like “wow I’ve got to do this” and then he gets on with it and we do it together whenever I can. I’m not looking forward to the day when he gets older and he says “I don’t want to do it” and hides it from me and gets into trouble. Right now it’s easy.

What’s your school-gate fashion style?

Oh god, a tracksuit! There is no way I am dressing up for the school run, there’s just no way. I have to put make up on all the time so the last thing I want to do is wear make to go on the school run. I always look like such a tramp. I’ve always got the oldest, dirtiest clothes on and I walk into school, no makeup and a hat to hide my head.

Random question: if you were standing in front of a pick’n’mix stand, which sweets would you pick first?

The blue and pink fizzy cola bottles, without doubt they are my favourite.

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