For the shortest term, it’s been a long term!

Hip hip hooray, in just under an hours’ time I shall be picking the Beans up from school and they will be all mine for the next two weeks. I’m not quite sure why but bearing in mind this has been the shortest term, it’s been a long term!! The Beans seem extra tired and emotional at the moment so I’m looking forward to just chilling out at home with them and rifling through the craft cupboard, delving into the playroom and just reconnecting a bit.


We shall be taking our shiny new Microscooters out for lots of fresh air, catching up with friends and we have some really fun days out with Daddy planned. Heck we might just throw in a spot of baking.

When I collect the Beans from school this afternoon we shall be taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt and this will be the first time that Jelly Bean gets to have a go too so it could be a fun event trying to chase three of them around the school field. The sun is shining and I have put brightly coloured bunting up in the garden as a mini-celebration of the start of Easter to make the Beans smile.

What exciting things do you have planned for the Easter holidays?

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