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What’s your Fairytale Holiday Destination?

Whilst surfing on the internet looking for holiday inspiration for this year I found this post which talked about Fairytale Destinations and it got me thinking about my own Fairytale Destinations. It will probably come as no surprise to you when I tell you that I have two Fairytale Holiday Destinations (I never can just make a single choice) which I hope to one day be able to take my children to. Both destinations are places that I have wanted to travel to as a child and feel even more special and important now that I have children of my own.


Disney is like the pinnacle of magic for children and the more I see my friends and fellow bloggers visiting with their children, the more I would love the opportunity to take my my own. My friend Sarah visited Disneyland Paris earlier this year and her account sounded idyllic, I have always said that we would need to plan a trip to be at a time when they would all be old enough to revel in the magic, to appreciate it and more importantly to remember it.


Ask any of my Beans who is their favourite Disney character and they will struggle to choose just one, the same goes for me. I have favourites from my own childhood like Mary Poppins and Peter Pan but I also love the modern films like Moana and Up!

This year Disneyland Paris celebrates their 25th Anniversary which seems crazy, I always think it’s only been open for a few years. In my mind I can clearly see an image of the 6 of us standing in front of the pink castle with crazy Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears to match the big grins on our faces.

One day I hope to be that parent who videos the reaction on their childrens’ faces when they tell them, we’re going to Disney!!

Santa Claus and the Northern Lights of Lapland

We have done well to keep the magic of Christmas alive as long as we have done but I think this could be our last year with Lillie ‘believing’ if we make it that long. Last Christmas she had lots of questions and seemed very suspicious but I think in the end she chose to believe to keep the magic going for herself. Curly stopped believing a few years ago but has been great in helping us to keep it alive for the little ones.

Santa Claus

I would love to take them whilst Santa is still ‘Christmas’ to them, to see the big bushy beard and twinkly eyes, to experience real snow and feed the reindeer. Every year I send them the videos from the Portable North Pole which they look forward to and a trip to Lapland would be the next icing on the cake.

Northern Lights

From my own personal perspective, one of my biggest dreams has been to see the Northern Lights and photograph them myself. These magical lights in the sky fascinate me so I know that this fairytale adventure would be one which we would all remember forever.


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  1. July 4, 2017 / 7:07 am

    Yes, yes, yes to all of these. Disneyland was amazing and everyone young and old gets caught up in the magic.

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