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What to do with unwanted computer games


If you’re a mum (or a wife) of a video game fanatic, tell the family that it’s time to go green.
You may be wondering what these two things have to do with each other, but there’s a strong correlation between the number of unwanted computer games your family owns and how much money you could be making from them whilst at the same time doing something great for the environment.

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Clearing the clutter

The more your kids grow, the more they will want to have the latest video games. This can lead to a very cluttered situation in the recreational room if you don’t take the time to pare down the unwanted computer games as you acquire new games. But video games that are stored on discs are a tricky kind of item to recycle because not many places in the UK recycle this kind of plastic. However, if you simply throw them away when you no longer have any use for them, they will probably end up in a landfill where they will take hundreds of years to break down. A better way to dispose of your old video games is to pass them on to someone who has never played them before.

Games Swap

One idea is to get together with neighbourhood families, or your own extended family, and do a game swap. This is a way to spend time with your family and friends as well as save money on buying new video games. In addition, you will have successfully taken control of your family’s growing game collection.

Sell Online

Unwanted computer games

However, instead of just giving your kids’ unwanted computer games away, you can also do something great for your household budget by selling them. The Internet has several popular outlets for reselling entertainment items, such as DVDs, CDs, and–yes–video games. You could set up an account on an online auctioning site like eBay or go to a user-driven retailer like Amazon to get started. Once you have set up your account and uploaded some basic information about your games, you’ll be ready to sell.

Music Magpie

As a busy mum, though, if you don’t have time to monitor these accounts and set up shipping for the games that you want to sell, there is an easier solution. Another kind of Web site that is becoming more popular is entertainment buyback services. One such site, musicMagpie, highlights the advantages of this kind of services overselling your games independently. For example, musicMagpie users can sell games online in quantities of ten or more without ever having to worry about shipping or interacting with buyers. The process only requires that you upload some simple information about the games that you want to sell, and then MusicMagpie will send paid postage or courier service so that you can send off the discs. Selling your games this way is an easy way to get a cheque whilst having to do very little.

Once you get rid of some of your unwanted computer games, you may feel so great about the newly organised home that you want to take it a step further. Try to use a site like musicMagpie to do the same with your music and DVDs to continue cleaning the greenway, and then see if you can come up with some environmental solutions of your own.

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