015/366 – Big Eyes!!

Just look at this face. Isn’t he a cutie?! Beanie Boys big eyes have had me transfixed from day one, they are so dark like big marbles. He certainly knows how to work his big eyes for the ladies!

015/366 – Big Eyes!!

This little man is so full of mischief and for a one-year-old has a wicked sense of humour, he has already learnt how to ‘trick’ us and when he knows that he has done something funny, he fixes a big toothy smile on his face, tips his head back and shuts his eyes.

He has had everyone in hysterics today with his antics, he started first thing this morning by climbing into bed with Daddy and blowing raspberries on Daddy’s tummy, and he has just carried on from there.

He will lean in as if to kiss you, but just as you pucker up and lean to him, he runs away, clapping his hands and laughing. I can see with this little man we will have our wits about us, or he’ll be running rings around us! I can’t wait . . .

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