What is Triberr?

The first I heard of Triberr was a few weeks ago when I saw a tweet from a Mummy Blogger looking to expand her Tribe. Intrigued by talk of Tribes I clicked on her link and read a little further on the topic. Triberr is a reach multiplier that tweets your blog posts to not only your Twitter followers but to all of your Tribe’s Twitter followers too.

How do I join Triberr?

You can only join Triberr by invitation. Each Tribe can have 7 members initially and once you have joined a Tribe you can go on to create 3 further Tribe’s of which you are Chief. If you know someone who is already a member of Triberr who can ask them for a code to join or you can look on the list of Tribes already active on Triberr and ask them nicely if you can join their Tribe. If you get lucky, great! If you get turned down, don’t be disheartened just try a different Tribe.

Isn’t Triberr just a big Spam machine?

It all sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? In principle it is great but as I have found out, being a member of Triberr is starting to upset a few of my followers on Twitter because they feel like I am filling their timeline up with Spam. I can kind of see their point as I use Tweetdeck and now when I’m looking at my Mentions column I have to pick out the actual messages for me from the Tweets which have been sent out automatically by my Tribe-mates.

So, for a while, I toyed with the idea of pulling out of Triberr altogether but then I remembered the reason I joined in the first place. I wanted to find new readers, I wanted to reach a wider audience and Triberr has done just that for me. I have seen a significant rise in visitors to my site and not just people clicking on and clicking off again, I am seeing more comments too from people who I have never even heard of before and in turn, I am visiting their sites and discovering new content to read. So Triberr is working and I’m going to stick with it. But rather than upset my current followers I want to help you to understand the way it works if I can?

Who should be in my Tribe?

If you decide to join Triberr, you need to make sure that you join a Tribe of like-minded people. So if you are a Mummy Blogger, there is no point in joining a Tribe of Hairy Motorbikers because your usual followers probably won’t be very interested in what the Hairy Bikers will have to say therefore will soon get fed up of seeing your tweets. If you are a Mummy blogger and you join with other Mummy Bloggers who are perhaps out of your usual circle then you will reach a new audience of Mummy Bloggers who are writing and tweeting about similar things but perhaps without Triberr you might never have discovered each other. In order to achieve the greatest success as a Tribe, you need to add Tribe Members who already have a large and loyal following on Twitter. When I joined Triberr my followers were at 1,535 so that was the number of people who would see my tweets when a post was published. Now thanks to Triberr the reach is over 34,000 people who will see a Tweet when my post is published and that’s not to be sniffed at!!

How do I set up Triberr so as not to annoy my followers?

Then you need to learn how to operate Triberr. If you read the instructions on the site (as I did) it says just set everything to automatic and the site will do the rest. Well, yes it does, but it also upsets your followers as I have already mentioned. You can change the frequency of your tweets, I didn’t realise until yesterday that mine was set to every 20 minutes which would definitely be annoying so I have now changed this to every 2 hours. You can also set your account to manual where you choose which blog posts you want to retweet and can be more selective of the content you wish to promote. Perhaps this way you will discover which Tribe-mates you are more suited to and can finetune your Tribe until you have a Tribe who are truly in sync with each other. We aren’t all going to write on topics that we all love and want to share all of the time so you have to accept that perhaps other Tribe-mates might not retweet all of your posts either but even one extra retweet helps surely?

For a more in-depth guide to using Triberr, I would recommend this post which I found very helpful on kikolani.com

I am still building my Tribes and if anyone is interested in joining, then Mummy/Daddy bloggers are welcome to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

8 thoughts on “What is Triberr?”

  1. Hi! I’m struggling to understand it all, but I’m up for finding new readers. Would you consider including me? cheers Kay :O) x @Chaoskay

  2. Thank you very much for explaining this so clearly. I’m still not convinced whether I want to get involved or not, as I already have enough things that suck up my time, but I will keep an eye on it as it sounds useful.

    • That’s what I like about Triberr, I now have mine set to automatic tweets every 60 minutes and so I don’t actually need to do anything with it. You only have to have it on manual if you want to check every post that is being put through your stream. I have mine set to not publish anything containing explicit content just to be on the safe side! 😉

  3. Thanks for explaining that so clearly. People do seem to have got a bit wound up about it, don’t they? I’m in two tribes which have four and three members each and we all only post three or four times a week. This level seems to work quite well as even if someone followed all of us they’d still only see a few links in any one day. I think it would only be a problem if someone in your tribe is a more ‘professional’ blogger who’s publishing all the time and, like you say, you can change the settings to deal with that. I’m certainly quite happy with Triberr so far and I’d happily recommend it, particularly to newer bloggers with smaller numbers of followers.

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