Mothercare Urbanite Stroller

Last month when I went away on holiday with my Mum and the children I needed to borrow a stroller and my friend Karin was happy to oblige with her Mothercare Urbanite. When she offered the use of it I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t even heard of it before but I LOVE trying out new pushchairs so I was looking forward to seeing what the Urbanite had to offer.

DSC08311 The Urbanite looks really cool with the grey chequerboard fabric and red highlights. Unlike some umbrella strollers I have used before, the Urbanite felt sturdy and stood really tall which is great for me and Hubby as we are both nearly 6ft tall. It was super easy to put up ready for the off and had a decent sized basket underneath. The pushchair reclined easily to almost flat with a one-hand operation at the back so that Beanie Boy could sleep whilst we were on the move and the window in the rear of the hood meant that I could keep an eye on him. I particularly liked the hood extension which folded down to provide extra protection from the sunshine, why don’t more pushchair makers think of putting these on the hoods, they are ingenious!

It folds up well for travelling, we had a roof box and it fitted into that no problem. For day to day travel it fitted perfectly across the width of the boot of the car and was lightweight with a carry handle on the side for easy transport.

DSC08466-1 The seat is nice and wide which surprised me as quite a few umbrella strollers that I have seen have quite narrow seats. Beanie Boy wanted to demonstrate how much space he had for you . . .

Unfortunately i had the opportunity to test out the raincover thanks to the rubbish British weather but this was really easy to fit quickly and kept Beanie Boy protected from the elements, he finds being under a raincover highly amusing and laughs out loud every time we looked at him

Sadly I had to give it back but I would recommend this in a heartbeat, I loved it!


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