What Changes Can Occur After Childbirth?

While many women may understand the way that a body can change during the different stages of pregnancy, they may not have fully looked into the effects after childbirth itself. You may notice that you are no longer as toned or lean as you were before, even after your stomach has reduced. For some women, this could cause negative emotions to arise, especially if they feel a sense of grief for the figure they had only a few months before. Educating yourself on these changes, as well as how to potentially rectify them, could be quite beneficial to you moving forward.


Changes to the vagina can be fairly common, especially if you had a vaginal birth. While the vagina itself may then shrink back to its previous size, it can often be normal for the shape of the labia to change. Alongside this, you may also notice that these flaps of skin have grown or altered as the years pass by. For some women, this can lead to a lack of confidence, especially when engaging in sexual activity. Looking into labiaplasty reduction surgery could help you to change the way they look, renewing that confidence. You may be able to discuss your concerns and hopes with a consultant, as well as learn more about what the procedure would entail. Post-pregnancy surgeries can be quite normal and even welcomed, for some women who may want to parent while still looking the way that they desire.

Your stomach, breasts, and even thighs may also show some tell-tale signs of your pregnancy. Stretch marks can form when the tissues of that area are stretched or contracted quite quickly. Some women may see these marks as a badge of honour that they received for creating new life. Others may not care either way. However, there are some women out there who may feel self-conscious about their appearance, especially if they are quite large or noticeable. While you may be able to reduce their effects by using creams or serums quite early on, it is highly likely that some may be a permanent feature of your body due to the damage done to that underlying tissue. Instead, it can be a good idea to work through your emotions and make peace with these changes.

after childbirth

Some women find that, during pregnancy, they often need to make urgent trips to the bathroom to urinate. Worse still, they need to go may come on suddenly, leaving no time and making accidents occur. This is not always something that will go away when your baby is born. A weakened pelvic floor muscle could contribute to urinary incontinence. To overcome this, you may want to look into exercises that strengthen this muscle, such as Pilates. This can be quite a normal issue, with around a third of women struggling with incontinence after having a baby.

Your body may have done something amazing by creating life, but there may also be repercussions for doing so. Taking the time to understand your new body, and make changes where possible, could greatly help you in the future.

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