A weekend with Scotch Magic Tape

You already know how much we enjoy crafting, it’s one of those activities that I know will keep the Beans calm for a while and *most* of the time without arguments (unless they both want to use the same pen at the same time).

Scotch Magic Tape

Over the school holidays Little Bean was given a homework assignment to get her geared up for this term’s topic of ‘Under the Sea’. I told you previously about our trip to the Sea Life Centre at Birmingham, well whilst we were there I took loads of photographs so that Little Bean could cut them up and make herself a collage. We bought pieces of card from The Range and then sat Little Bean down with the Scotch Magic Tape and her supplies and let her imagination run wild. She wanted to create an ‘iceberg’ for the penguins to live on because as she quite rightly pointed out “they don’t live under the sea all the time”. She also said that she needed to place some black card at the bottom of the collage because it’s “dark at the bottom of the sea”. Next she sorted out the photographs into the areas under the sea where she thought they lived – top, middle and bottom and then used the Scotch Magic Tape to put her collage together. She used strips of tape to stick the black card and the ‘iceberg’ to the background and then I showed her how to make Scotch Tape loops to go on the back of the photographs. We were all very happy with her finished project and the beauty of the Scotch Magic Tape is that it can be easily moved and repositioned if you make a mistake. We were also going to use the Scotch Magic Tape to make labels for the photographs because you can write on the tape but it make the collage look a bit too busy so we took them off again.

Scotch Magic Tape

When you have children in the house, you can’t make it through any of the seasonal festivities without decorations of some description, especially if you like crafting and making the decorations yourself but we have fallen down in the past when it comes to sticking them up because we have been worried about damaging the walls. Over the weekend we were able to put up all of our Easter decorations using the Scotch Magic Tape and I can confirm that this morning as I removed the decorations they haven’t made one single mark on the walls and normality has been restored.

Scotch Magic Tape

I have finally got around to printing off photographs and putting them into photo frames to display in the hallway. To stop the photographs from sliding around in the frames I used a small piece of Scotch Magic Tape across the corners of the pictures to secure them in place. It’s great because it means that the photographs won’t get damaged when I remove the tape to change them in 6 months time because the children change so quickly!

There are lots of great uses for Scotch Magic Tape, you just have to let your imagination go with it. Why not try:

Resist Art – place strips of Scotch Magic Tape across a sheet of paper or card, go crazy with paint and when the paint is dry use a wipe to carefully remove the paint from the Scotch Magic Tape to see the fun effects.

Decorating Eggs – fun for Easter or all-year-round packed lunches.

Nature Trail Collage – take the children out exploring the countryside and collecting leaves, flowers, twigs – whatever takes their fancy and then make a fun seasonal collage using Scotch Magic Tape to stick them down with.

Decorative Jars and Vases – stick your favourite flowers to the glass using Scotch Magic Tape.

Nail Art – I saw this one online and thought it was a gem of an idea for the glamorous people out there.

For more information and inspiration why not check out the Scotch UK Facebook Page.

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