Week 5

Oh dear, Daddy is poorly this week so he’s not been going to work again and Mummy has been crying more again this week so I’ve decided to cheer them both up by giving them lots of big smiles.  It works, they both love it – especially when I’m not sick afterwards!

Week 5 1

Just for good measure I sleep through the night twice this week and Mummy and Daddy are really really happy!

Daddy went back to work at the end of the week so me, Mummy and Little Bean went to the baby clinic.  I couldn’t believe it, Mummy took all my clothes off IN PUBLIC!  I was so embarrassed but I was a good boy, I laid really still in the cold bucket thing so Mummy got me dressed again really quickly.  Mummy was a little bit disappointed though because the lady said that my weight had dropped off a bit?  I weighed 9lb 9oz which I didn’t think was too bad.  I had a think about things overnight and decided I’d better do something about it to keep Mummy happy.  So I asked Mummy for a feed loads more than usual throughout the day, Daddy says that it sounds like I’m having a growth spurt.  Duh, of course, I’m trying to put my weight up so that they don’t worry about me but let me tell you its tiring trying to stay awake all day so I sleep all through the night again and most of the next day!

Everyone keeps talking to me so I’ve decided to give it a whirl myself, I don’t really know what I’m saying but it makes everyone smile when I do so I must be getting it right?

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