Week 11

Blimey this cold is hanging around, Mummy keeps telling me it will be gone soon but I’m beginning to doubt her ability as a nurse. Its really hard to breathe when I’m having my milk and I feel rotten when I wake up in the morning.
Mummy was given a new playmat for me this week, its a Surf Board Tummy Time mat and I think its pretty cool, I get to see the world from a whole different view. Its got these funny little fish that swim around in front of me, I like hitting them with my hands so they move. Little Bean can be a pain though because she always wants to be on the mat at the same time as me and there really isn’t much room. Oh well, at least she wants to play with me – I love her! Mummy says I’m doing quite well at keeping my head up but it gives me a bit of neck ache and after a little while my head gets too heavy and I have to rest it on the pillow.

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    • Thanks, i’ve been a little busy the last couple of weeks so I didn’t manage to keep it up to date, I’m trying to get caught up now xx

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