Warner Bros saves half-term blues

Warner Bros

I think most parents would agree that by the end of any school holidays, you begin to tear your hair out. It all starts of quite exciting, the thought of spending extra time with your children. You plan days out, trips to the park, play dates with friends, visiting family, perhaps even a few days away and then bang, the good old British weather puts the mockers on it!

I try very hard to not park my children in front of the TV but as the witching hour approaches late in the afternoon I find it is the only way to save my sanity and so the DVD’s come out. Luckily for us, Warner Bros came to our rescue with this Half Term Survival Pack which the children LOVED! Would you believe that Little Bean had never actually seen any of the Looney Tunes cartoons? Little Bean’s favourite character so far is Taz, she just laughs and laughs when she sees him. Personally I’m still a big fan of Tom n Jerry and Roadrunner, I just love them.

Curly got stuck in with Scooby Doo and was surprised that there were still some Scooby Doo DVD’s that he hadn’t actually seen. He is and always has been a major Scooby Doo fan, I think he may be turning into Shaggy judging by the amount of food he consumes at the moment.

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