051/366 – Beanie Boy unleashed

When we went for a walk at Ferry Meadows yesterday, we let Beanie Boy get out of the pushchair to stretch his legs rather than being cooped up in his pushchair the whole time. So feeling brave today when Little Bean asked if we could go out for a walk again, I decided to let him out of his pushchair again, although this time there was only me and Little Bean to herd him in the right direction. It was great to see the big smiles on his face as he ran from one exciting find to another (when you’re only 1 even a leaf can be exciting!!). Mummy was thoroughly worn out by the end of it and just a little bit sad to see that my baby is no longer my baby but a rapidly growing little boy . . .

Mummy Matters

. . . as for Little Bean’s funny face, she had witnessed her cousin pulling this face at the weekend and decided to give it a whirl for herself.

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