Ultimate House Organising Checklist

Organising a house can be daunting. The clutter can be too intimidating to look at that and you don’t even know what to do first.

A house organising checklist can help you declutter your home efficiently.  It is guaranteed that your home will look tidier and better organised after a few decluttering tricks.

Home Organising

Maid For You’s blog suggests the use of organisers, easy-access storage and following an organised decluttering list. The internet can also provide you with some DIY ideas on how to organise your home efficiently.

Here’s an ultimate house organising checklist for all:

Ultimate House Organising Checklist
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What is the importance of the house organising checklist?

The house organising checklist enables you to declutter your home systematically. The checklist may also serve as your ultimate decluttering plan because it naturally makes you think of ways to solve the clutter issues at your home.

The house organising checklist plays a crucial role in keeping your entire home free from clutter. There is a need to use the right method or technique in decluttering to avoid wasting your time or spending too much time in organising your home.

Moreover, the checklist can also help you identify the clutter issues in your home. It enables you to rectify the problem as early as you can.

5 Tips to Consider Before Creating a House Organising Checklist

Home Organising

1. Your home

If you have a bigger home and bigger family, you need to make everyone understand the role that they need to play to maintain an organised home.

Each and everyone in the household should realise the importance of a clutter-free home.

Identify which area in your home has the heaviest clutter and focus on that part down to the least.

2. Types of clutter

There are many types of clutter at home, such as loose papers, loose cords, disorganised shelves and drawers and more.

It is crucial to identify the type of clutter that you are dealing with before creating the house organising checklist.

It allows you to plan better ways to get rid of the clutter.

3. How effective is your present decluttering technique?

If your present decluttering technique is not working, it is the time to seek professional help.

There are home decluttering experts who can help you organise your home effectively.

They can help you solve the clutter issue in your home in a systematic way.

4. Organisers and drawers


Organisers and drawers are essential when decluttering your home.

It allows you to organise your things better and put them in the right spot.

It gives you a spacious, comfortable and safer home.

5. Getting rid of clutter

Consider ways to get rid of the clutter. (most applicable to those with hoarding issues)

Consider segregating your stuff into three portions which are for keeping, giving to charity and selling.

It would be best if you also consider using digital storage for your collections of pictures, music and books.



To keep up with the house organising checklist, it is vital to plan your cleaning routine ahead of time. It allows you to focus on the task and finish it quickly.

Moreover, you can also put rubbish bins on every part of your home to lessen the clutter. The clean as you go policy is worth imposing to minimise the build-up of clutter.

It is also essential to follow your cleaning schedule. Missing the schedule may result in more clutter which requires more time and effort.

Lastly, organising a house should not only depend on one person. Every member of the household should be responsible and conscious in keeping a clean home.

Besides, an organised home entails a happy family. Everyone can move around freely and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about the clutter.

Do you need help in creating your house organising checklist?

Reach out to Maid For You!

Ultimate house organising checklist


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