Turn Off Your Racing Thoughts With CBD

Some of the most accomplished people we know are the ones interested in trying meditation, whether they’re yoga instructors, athletes or people who work long and hectic hours. 

Logically, connoisseurs in the practice of meditation have claimed that cannabis is the perfect tool for the practice because it helps people access a calm state of mind with more ease. 

Turn Off Your Racing Thoughts With CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound known for its therapeutic benefits, especially when it comes to physical aches, anxiety, and inflammation. Meditation, on the other hand, is a common practice for reducing stress and giving people the strength to fight their problems in healthier ways. The key is to calm the mind and relax the body enough to focus inwards – which, more often than not, ’s a difficult thing to do. If you struggle to sit still and clear the mind, then you might want to consider the calming combo of meditation and CBD. 

CBD for Meditation and Wellbeing 

Meditation is a very common practice today and not for nothing. It allows you to free your mind to feel better and gain a better awareness of your inner being to relativize and take a step back on certain situations. In the practice of meditation, CBD can be used to connect the body to the mind.

It turns out that thanks to Cannabidiol, we can strengthen the bonds between the mind and body. Therefore, this natural compound could help us connect to ourselves, which is exactly the perfect condition to make the most of a meditation session. Thus, ingesting, vaporizing or even smoking CBD before doing meditation is an appealing way to achieve a real sense of tranquillity and fullness.  

You will be able to unchain yourself from all the constraints of life and improve your focus, thus succeeding in making a real introspection. This form of detachment is crucial for a good meditation session. 

But with so many fears that plague the people of today’s society, this is an almost impossible mission. Cannabidiol will therefore be a true allay for you. You will be able to separate yourself more easily from the external stressors to reach a state of total relaxation. 

What is CBD? 

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CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the over 80 cannabinoids found in marijuana, a plant known for its psychoactive effects. Contrary to less experienced beliefs, Cannabidiol does not get you high. It’s another compound known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that’s responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with the plant. 

In fact, a number of studies are describing Cannabidiol for what it really is – a compound offering numerous health benefits with no known psychoactive or severe adverse effects. 

Cannabidiol is commonly available as a supplement and contains only trace amounts of THC (more precisely, 0.3 alongside other cannabinoids within the plan that provides anti-inflammatory effects).

CBD has also been found to improve homeostasis and also found to work effectively or in a series of clinical cases such as seizures, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD.

Today, many meditation experts and practitioners are recommending Cannabidiol in meditation for its far-reaching benefits. 

CBD and Our Endocannabinoid System 

First things first, we have to understand how Cannabidiol interacts with our bodies. 

Our bodies consist of an endocannabinoid system – just like plants. We naturally produce cannabinoids, and as such, we’re naturally designed to use CBD to relieve many health conditions effectively. Our ECS is easily activated by the plants, and a great example of a cannabinoid plant is CBD.

When external cannabinoids like CBD trigger the ECS receptors, they bring a sense of balance to our bodies. In a poorly functioning or unbalanced system, cannabinoid receptors identify the cause and release specific enzymes that are necessary to restore balance. 

When CBD edibles such as delta 8 gummies or tinctures are ingested in moderate amounts, the ECS is activated without the side effects common with most conventional treatments. IN other words, our body’s ECS is the reason Cannabidiol works for many conditions. 

When meditating 

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One of the goals of mediation practice is increased self-awareness. For many, consistent meditation is necessary to reduce stress, enhance attention span and improve emotional positivity. 

The practise of meditation has proved an effective tool in controlling anxiety, generating kindness, and reducing age-related memory decline. It has also been shown to improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, control pain, and help fight addictions. No matter the length of your session, meditation can be beneficial. What you put into those minutes counts. Combined with Cannabidiol, you have a great combo at your disposal to battle these issues and take your meditation sessions to a whole new level. 

To enhance Cannabidiol’s benefits during meditation, you will want to administer it before you begin the mediation session. That will give your body (ECS) enough time to absorb the cannabinoids. Remember: there are different CBD products and specified consumption methods, which means the time they take to onset can vary. If you choose CBD capsules, for instance, you will have to wait up to an hour or even more until they go through your entire digestive system. 

On the other hand, sublingual and vaping products are absorbed much faster and onsets within minutes. It’s recommended that you seek different methods until you find the one that best suits your medical needs. 

While Cannabidiol comes with few adverse effects for most users, you should start with small doses if you’re new to the compound. However, if you’ve finally decided to introduce CBD into your meditation practice, read thoroughly about different products, administration methods and quantities. Also, mastering basic mediation is necessary, so make sure to educate yourself on the practice. 

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