Trouble Motivating Your Family to Do Chores? Here’s How…

One thing is universal in families, and it’s that kids hate doing chores. Parents hate it too, but someone has to do the dishes and laundry, walk the dog, make meals, take out the garbage… you get the picture.

Motivating Your Family to Do Chores
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Fighting over household chores (as well as the avoidance of them) can lead to family distress between couples, siblings, parents and kids.

New App Helps Parents and Kids Turn Chores Into a Game


Choreful, the household chores app that generated 172K downloads in less than six months in Norway, has just launched in the U.S. and it promises to revamp how families divvy up life’s daily responsibilities, turning tedium into a fun and competitive game that both parents and kids can enjoy and benefit from. An app is a motivational tool that creates some healthy competition with a points and rewards system for each family member’s daily, weekly, and monthly household contributions.

Founded in 2020 by Norwegian app developer Robin Havre, Choreful first launched last year in Havre’s native Norway after he and his wife began to argue over household chores, both feeling like they were getting the short end of the stick.

Launched in December 2021, the Norwegian version of the app quickly reached 172K downloads in less than six months’ time!

The result?

Trouble Motivating Your Family to Do Chores? Here's How... 1
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“The majority of users are women thanking us for this app, expressing that either their husband had started doing more around the home, or he finally recognized inequities in household responsibilities they hadn’t seen before,” shares founder Havre. “Parents have also observed kids chipping in more with everything from making their bed, folding and putting away  laundry, completing their homework, washing dishes, and more.”

Parents are able to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability in their kids, track chores for weekly allowance, and use points accrued for certain privileges for their children and teens.

Choreful App has officially launched in the UK and U.S. this month and is now available on the App Store and on Google Play.

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How Does the Choreful App Work?

Download the app and select your regional language: (ex. English/United States)

iPhone users can sign in with their Apple account/Android users can provide their email address and enter their credentials manually.

If someone in your house already has a Choreful account, simply ask to be invited into their “home” on the app. Otherwise, create a home and click to invite members of your household. Tweens/Teens can download the app on their phone and join the family’s account, while younger children can ask parents to track their chores and track completed chores together.

Start recording your chores/household contributions each day, score points, calculate your points by day/week/month as you choose.

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Description automatically generated with low confidenceOther users in the household get push notifications showing them what chores others in the home have recorded for the day, prompting more contributions by other household members.

How are points calculated?

Different chores are worth different numbers of points. There is a default list of chores and default points system on the free version of the app. Users have the option to customize their own points system and customize household/family chores and responsibilities tailored to their specific needs with the app’s premium service.

Trouble Motivating Your Family to Do Chores? Here's How... 2

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