Try Topical Hemp Products for Skin, Inflammation, Pain, and More

There are numerous ways to consume hemp extract. Most people are familiar with hemp oil, which users take by dropping it into the mouth. However, topicals are an increasingly popular option, both in skincare circles and within the fitness community. Hemp topicals have a variety of benefits over other consumption methods, which has led to an enormous boom in the industry.

Topical Hemp Products

If you’re wondering whether topical hemp products can benefit you, then keep reading as we explain the potential benefits. Spoiler alert: those with skin irritations and sore muscles or joints may want to stay tuned.

What Are Topical Hemp Products?

Topicals are a group of products applied externally. This category includes things like hemp cream, lotion, and ointment. More innovatively, some brands sell hemp-infused bath bombs, shampoos, and stick-on patches.

As topicals become ever more popular, there is a growing number of options. There will likely be a hemp topical for the occasion, no matter what you seek.

Traditionally, hemp topicals are designed to target specific areas. For example, a hemp pain cream can target a small area of discomforts, such as a sore elbow or an aching thigh. However, items like bath bombs now allow users to give their entire body a dose of topical hemp.

But what are the benefits of topicals? Why choose them over other consumption methods?

The Benefits of Topical Hemp

When using a topical, the user applies the hemp extract externally to a target area of the skin. Let’s take CBD cream as an example. If the user applies hemp cream to their stomach, the hemp extract will reach receptors in just that area.

Such targeted application means faster results, less wastage, and relatively high bioavailability. In layman’s terms, more of the hemp extract is usable by the body, with less becoming lost as it makes its way around the body.

Topicals are not for everyone, but they may yield several specific benefits that help certain groups.


Hemp extract exhibits some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties when used topically. Most studies so far have been conducted on rats, but this one from 2016 shows that hemp may reduce pain associated with inflammation in rats.

Antioxidants are also helpful because they help the body combat oxidative stress, which comes about due to numerous reasons.

They are a common feature in anti-ageing products because they can reduce visible signs of ageing, promoting a youthful glow. As a result, hemp-based cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular.

Skin Conditions

Try Topical Hemp Products for Skin, Inflammation, Pain, and More 1

Speaking of skin health, there is some evidence that hemp extracts could help those with skin disorders.

Some small studies have been conducted on human participants. In 2021, researchers examined 20 people with eczema, with 67% of participants finding that hemp topicals reduced the itching.

Meanwhile, there is also some evidence that it could help with acne, especially that which is caused by inflammation.

Notably, some research has found that there may be side effects to using hemp products on sensitive skin, including stinging sensations. If you have a skin disorder, always consult a health professional before using a new product.


The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp extract are helpful in pain relief. It’s common to find hemp pain creams for sale, and most of them contain additional ingredients like arnica or camphor, which may also help with natural pain relief.

A 2018 review covered studies on hemp for pain in more detail, and the results are quite promising. The authors concluded that hemp extract could work for pain management without causing adverse side effects.

Is It Better to Use Hemp Topicals or Tinctures?

Hemp products come in all shapes and sizes, designed to suit users of all kinds. Topicals are excellent products that can benefit a wide variety of users, but they’re not for everyone.

If you’re seeking a general wellness product that will contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle, it’s probably best to seek an ingestible item like a tincture. However, if you want to manage external ailments or promote skin health, topicals are the way to go.

Of course, not all hemp products are made equally. It’s vital to select a brand selling high-quality hemp topicals with safe and reliable ingredients. Particularly for those with sensitive skin, the ingredients are essential.

Brands like Premium Jane can be a great place to start if you’re seeking an extensive range of hemp topicals to cover all your needs.

Try Topical Hemp Products for Skin, Inflammation, Pain, and More 2

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